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Enable The Like Button For One Day

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    Enable The Like Button For One Day

    Enable the like button for one day in one thread
    Set parmeters for 10,000 see if we can hit the mark.

    Thread to say Thank You to all Mods,Admins,Developers,and yes advertisers of course.
    Can run Promo on this day maybe something to do with Pandemic and Mental Health.

    Testings these Curious Contraptions is great for stress relief!!!!!!

    A dozen free face masks with every purchase from any China vendor as a recognition of what has happened.
    R-TV BOX S10, Beebox N3150, Chuwi Hibox, Nvidia Shield, A95X Max


      I don,t know if i should laugh or close the thread

      Its probable there was help with engineering.

      Perhaps a Cull is not such a bad thing.

      I choose humor

      Laughter is always the best medicine

      A dozen is too many
      How about one for every 512 Mb of Ram

      On one Hand a Mask with F-Tab logo would probs be a hot item

      How about the Skull from Gt King Very cool ,or just the Bee

      Then someone would clone the Mask and all would read as MX........

      Or best would be, every Like
      Vendor donates Mask to those in need

      May have started a Trend......