VORKE V1 Plus Intel Apollo Lake J3455 4K@60hz 4GB RAM 64GB SSD Windows MINI PC 802.11AC WIFI Gigabit LAN Wake-on LAN Bluetooth4.2 HDMI & VGA Output USB3.0

Product link: https://bit.ly/2kU2xwB


Intel Apollo Lake J3455

J3455 , a quad-core processor, operates between 1.5 and 2.3GHz. Under the hood, it packs 2MB of L2 cache, TDP of 10W and a Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU.


VORKE V1 Plus brags a 4GB DDR3 RAM and 64GB of SSD storage, advantageous in performance, security and reliability. Ascribing to the eMMC memory, it delivers a richer end-user experience.

SSD Extendable, HDD 1TB.

Gigabit LAN

Gigabit LAN provides a data rate of 1 billion bits per second.


Office Work: Office, skype, yahoo, outlook and all other office requirement support and runs perfectly.

Design Work: Photoshop, CoreIDRAW, Dreamweaver, IIIustrator, Flash, Indesign and others.

Game Playing: Support most of the online games and PC games, like Warcraft, Counter-Strike (CS), support 3D games.

Entertainment: Support 4k@60Hz video play, XBMC and others.