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[ROM] LegacyROM HFW JXD s7300B

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    [ROM] LegacyROM HFW JXD s7300B

    This firmware is an hybrid firmware based on jxd sources and my skelrom for s5110B, so no bluetooth in this firmware. If you need BT usb support, just don't use this firmware.
    You must come from JXD v2.2.3 official firmware before installing this rom, because of the change to ext4 filesystem.



     Hybrid firmware based on JXD source code but taking skelrom for 5110B as a base.
     bootloader unlocked. Device can be set at 1,5 ghz using cpu apps (it's 1,32 max by default)
     Stable. No freezings, or at least I haven't experienced any single freeze.
     Chinese emus and soft removed , JXD mapper removed too (can be used via patch)
     Improved google play compatibility. Device Id changed to Galaxy s2 to give more compatibility to some gameloft games
     Deodexed and Zipaligned, services jar supercharged.
     Default launcher removed and replaced with Apex Launcher
     Fix compatibility issues with some games like Nova, or Backstab, or some EA games.
     Mount points changed. Now internal is mnt/sdcard and micro sd is mnt/external_sdcard. If you access from storage in a fle explorer would be storage/sdcard0 and storage/sdcard1.
     Battery percentage mod..
     New bootanimation and splash screens.
     Init.d support
     Fix codec issue with videos using AC3 or DTS audio codecs in HW mode.
     Tincore Keymapper is the defaylt mapper.
     No battery drain during sleep.

    New kernel with following features.
     New joystick driver written by Tincore. much faster than previous versions with no input lag at all. Device is now a proper joystick with two analogs and 12 buttons. Games with joystick support can be mapped natively, like Dead Trigger.
     Compiled with Linaro Toolchain and some linaro optimizations.
     Updated to amlogic 3.0.50 source code. Include some new cpu governors like interactive or powersave.
     CIFS/NFS and uInput support.


    - You must come from JXD 2.2.3 firmware before installing the rom.
    Once you have installed JXD 2.2.3 firmware, unrar legacyROM files and copy them to the root of MicroSD. Enter Recovery with Power and Volume + and device will be flashed automatically. Once it finishes, it reboots automatically so enjoy new firmware.
    First boot will be slow (you can even see bootanimation stopped) because system is being configured and apps being installed. Just be patient till it finishes.


    - The wake/up common in all 7300 firmwares is here too. I am afraid only solution is wait for amlogic to do something.
    - FPSe emulator doesn't support analogs ok in last versions (and d.àd behaves like analogs because they are linked via hardware), so for PSX just use epsxe or retroarch.


    If you want to install JXd mapper just flash JXD_MApper.zip from recovery. This will make jxd mapper usable with a worse joystick driver. Tincore can still be used.
    You can make SWAP with this rom too, just install swap_on or swap_off from recovery according to your preferences.
    Before flashing the patches, remember to delete the factory_update_param.aml from the root of microSD.

    GREETINGS: To tincore for making such awesome joystick driver, Deen0X for testing, and Lomax for donating me her device for a while.


    https://mega.co.nz/#!kpB01QDS!Frdp51pWiabglPTUSs65FWDXF9ZIJj754u3_TVPj xi4

    Source for kernel:



      Hey there! I've got my hands on a 5110b and I'd really like to put in your great ROM. I see the download link is dead. I searched all over and wasn't able to find it. Do you still have it?


        This link works for me for the s5110b rom https://mega.nz/#!Y9gjzCQb!XnxFMxZiQ...WKTqLspBlC_d4w


          Yes! For me too! Thanks a lot!


            Originally posted by skelton View Post
            This link works for me for the s5110b rom https://mega.nz/#!Y9gjzCQb!XnxFMxZiQ...WKTqLspBlC_d4w
            Do you also happen to have a link for JXD 2.2.3 as well? Seems that's also getting lost on the Internet.