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[REVIEW] iReadyGo Much G2 (Quad-Core, 5")

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    [REVIEW] iReadyGo Much G2 (Quad-Core, 5")

    [REVIEW] iReadyGo Much G2 (Quad-Core, 5")

    Note: This is a summary of the original article located here

    Note about this version: I do my best on posting in english, but it is not my natural language and for sure there are lots of grammatical and spelling errors (i did not use any translator), but due the nature of the information of this article, most of this is technical info, i assume most of this article is readable and understandable. If you think there are need to correct some parts for a correct understand of the info posted here, feel free on send to me your suggestions and i will try to improve this article with this.

    There is a Spanish version of this review


    To Belchine.net store for send me a sample of their product iReadyGo Much G2 to test it and write this review.

    Usage of this article

    Author give permission to use this review, part of this or by a link reference, to anybody wants to use it, with only one condition that you must keep the author of this article, and the original source, that is on my blog.

    For any update for the content of this article, i suggest to visit the link avobe.


    This time, introducing this device is a very important section of this review, because this device is not a common gaming device that i usually test and review. I'll do my best on introducing and presenting this device for all of you that are looking for info, or just are curious about what this device can offer to you.

    First of all, if you´re looking for a device that bring to you a complete portable game experience, including retrogaming, this device is not for you. The reason is simple, and as you can see, this device have only some basic controls for gameplay and are not enough for many kind of games, (emulation most of all). Please, if you want to keep reading this review, take this in mind when you get your own conclusions about this device.

    Then, is this device a Phone-Console?

    if we think in strict meaning of phone-console, then i must say no, this is not a proper phone-console for usual gaming. this is more a phone/smartphone (phablet) with some controls to play, but the feeling, looking and soul of this device is in first place a smartphone.

    But, what is the porpouse of the controls?

    Simple, these controls are for gaming. Yes, is a phone, but with some controls for play (i´m beign redundant. i know). The correct question you must do is:

    What kind of games can i play with this device?

    In simple words, most of android games can be played with this device, and there are lots of games that can be played too. Keep in mind that you have a stick and 4 (+ 2) buttons to be assigned, but if you need more buttons, you can complement these physical buttons with on screen controls from the own games.

    I will show you this with an example of usage (There are lots of these similar examples). The android game Choplifter HD. For gameplaythere are the following controls (and the way i mapped to play):
    • Stick - For moving the helicopter (Mapped to stick)
    • Turbo - For fast move (Mapped to button A)
    • Missile - for missiles (Mapped to button Y)
    • Machine gun - for guns (Mapped to button B)
    • Button for change orientation - This button have 3 modes:
      • Swipe right - for center/right orientation
      • Swipe left - for center/left orientation
    The orientation button i did not mapped, because i use the screen for activate it, as another control. Check this video:

    I can play in comfortable way with this mapping, and don´t need to map ALL the controls on screen for play. Really i need to map the most comon controls.

    Then. based on the previous premise is easy to understand what kind of games we can play.

    Ok, i understand but i don´t see what the point of this device.

    The goal of this device is to bring a smartphone that look and feel as smartphone, but you can use for casual gameplay (and may be some serious playing too). There are many people that wants a device that let to play, but don´t want to carry with a device that looks as a gaming console. This is the main reason some users avoid buying the Much i5, because if you get this out for answer a call in middle of a office metting, may not be the best image if you´re talking with a gaming console instead of a device that really look like a smartphone.

    And well, there are lots of situations that you want to quick play, but don´t need a real gaming console for carrying always with you. When you waiting for a train, bus, doctor, etc, etc. This device is perfect for all these kind of situations, and may be a good alternative for people that want to play, but don´t like on screen controls.

    Again, this device is not designed to play any kind of games (FPS mainly such Nova3, MC4, etc), not by power, because i do some testing about this and there is no problem, but for controls that are not comfortable for these kind of games.

    Hope you understand what you can expect for this device, what can and what cannot do (or get a general idea), and with this in mind read this review and decide with the information contents here if the device is for you or not.

    Product showcase(Checking of the external view of the package)

    The device come in a elegant package, that have the silouete of the device printed in the face (you can see with light reflection) and there are "G2" logo, and the characteristics green lines of the phones printed in the image too.

    Back face have some basic info about the device, and we can see the following icons:
    • NotifyLight - The device come with a colored system of led indicators that are so useful and easy to configure.
    • Quad-Core Processor
    • 5" Full View Screen (There are no borders that hide parts of the screen)
    • Dual-Sim Dual Standby
    • 12 Hours Entertainment

    Opening the box, there is the Device that fits in the cardboard mold that ensure the device don´t move when transporting.

    When get the device out, there are 3 sections when you get the accessories that come with the device.

    Package contents(Unboxing y full description of the package contents)

    When the package is opened, we found the following elements thats, i understand, are part of any standard shippment for this product.

    • iReadyGo Much G2 Smartphone
    • MicroUSB Data/Charge cable
    • USB Wall-Charger
    • 4200 mAh Battery
    • G2 Quick User Manual

    G2 Quick User Manual detail

    Product information

    According with the manufacturer, or searching info on web pages, we can found many sources of information about the device and sometimes these information may be not consistent (may be different from one web page to other), and this may cause some confusion for anybody that wants to get info about this product.

    On this section i will post the info i get from the manufacturer (or is not possible, the web page that i consider more reliable), listing only the relevant points for a tech analysis of the product, and omit these points that don´t get any relevant info about the device (as many time we found on many pages, things such video capabilities, mail capabilities, etc, that really are software based features that we can install on the device, and not a real feature of the device itself)
    • Product Name: MUCH G2
    • Screen Parameter: 5-inch IPS full view screen, resolution 720 * 1280, 16 million colors
    • CPU(RAM): MTK6589 quad-core 1.2GHz
    • Memory :1G RAM LPDDR2
    • Memory storage: Internal 16GB
    • Storage :MicroSD(TF) support 64GB storage expand maximum
    • Display Chip :PowerVR Series 544
    • Operating System :Android4.2(Much Launcher)
    • Sensor :Nine-Axis sensor(Gyro+Accelerometer+Compass), and light sensor, proximity sensor
    • Back Camera : 8 MPx, digital zoom, auto focus, microspur support, LED fill light
    • Front Camera : 2 MPx
    • Network Function : Dual card and dual standby
    • Wifi : 802.11b/g/n
    • Bluetooth : V4.0LE +EDR
    • GPS : Supported + AGPS + Digital Compass
    • Key Grip : Standard handheld game key (4+2 buttons) + two-dimensional rocker
    • Touch Operation : Capacitive 5-point touch screen
    • Video Play : Hardware decoding, maximum resolution up to 1080P, H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, VC-1, H.263
    • Audio System : D-class amplifier , AAC speaker (2x0.5w)
    • Power Supply : Polymer explosion-proof lithium battery, and 4200mAh
    • USB : 5pin MicroUSB OTG 2.0 communication interface
    • External memory: MicroSD(TF) card
    • Audio output: Four-parts3.5mm stereo headphone interface
    • Dimensions: 165x72.5x12.2mm
    • Weight : 204g(without battery) / 256g (with battery)
    • Standby Time : Dual SIM standby 600 hours
    Info from the device itself (Android info)

    In first place, to get a reliable source of info about the system, i take some screenshots from the same device showing android system info (thata usually is insufficient), and from another software that can give us more detailed information about the system, and with this info we can get a general idea about the capabilities of the device.

    Antutu Benchmark X System Info


    For who is looking for a comfortable and good specs device, must check this one. The main goal/target of this device is looking for a smartphone, but with some controls to play, and reach this without problems.

    The device itself does go unnoticed. I assist to few office meetings, and the phone will no get the attention when i put in the table.

    First impression of many friends (and coworkers) is positive, because the device looks as smartphone. (they don´t want to use android gaming device as smartphone)

    For now is one of the most interesting devices, taking their relationshipt between specs/quality/price, and is a serious alternative for 5" smartphone (but with the same size as 6" Note 3).

    I really like this device for normal usage. In fact, is my current daily smartphone, and i get so comfortable using it.

    Summarizing, if you´re looking for a smartphone, but you like to play on it in casual way, take in mind this device as serious alternative for your next smarphone.

    Final words

    I really enjoy this device, because i can show another kind of devices for many new users that are not usual of gaming devices, because they don´t want really a "console-phone". In my near circles, many people starts to know these kind of devices focused on gaming, and they really liked this product.

    This device become in my main smartphone for daily use, and i enjoy using this.

    Hope this article help for those are looking for info about this specific device, or simply read this by curiosity, and get interested on it.

    I will updating this article with more info if i consider, and again, apologize my rude english.



    Link to the current Official FirmwareFrom official much3g.com forums (Chinese):
    Posted at 2014-3-27 15:47:38


    (The link it the review did not seem to work anymore).

    Thank You for the great reviews, Deen0X



      thanks for the info!


        Mine arrived yesterday!

        So far, I really like it.

        It came exactly as shown in Deen0X's review, and I agree with pretty much everything he reported.

        Here are a few personal opinions, and things I noticed:

        -- Mine has build G2-MDD-5.6.15, so apparently there is a later ROM than the one I linked to previously.
        -- It is very nice looking. If you took away the game controls, and made it a bit smaller (in all 3 dimensions) I would be as nice a design as any mid-range phone out there.
        -- It is heavy. Deen0X mentioned this, and it is very noticeable. When you order the MUCH G2, order a good belt from the same vendor. If you put this thing in your pocket, you are going to need a belt to keep from loosing your pants.
        -- Despite the weight, it is very nice to hold in either portrait or landscape modes. Everything - the general shape, the feel of the back, and the feel of the buttons is very good.
        -- In general use of Android, it is smooth, free of lag, and stable. I have not had a crash or FC yet.
        -- The browser is a primitive version of the AOSP browser. It looks like something from Android 2.3, but it is faster than newer phones with better specs. Obviously, you can install a new browser from the market (Chrome, etc.)
        -- The screen is excellent. It is much better in sunlight than my Huawei Honor 2. There are not really enough pixels there for a desktop or tablet like web browsing experience, but for it's intended use, it is great. Viewing angles are better than I expected, and having 720p videos play at native resolution is great.
        -- Also as Deen0X mentioned, the button arrangement is not really adequate for serious gaming, but for casual gaming, it adds a nice aspect.
        -- The game buttons can be assigned to any game (any app, actually) in 2 separate ways. One is by graphically dragging joystick and button icons onto the game's on-screen touch areas. The second is by assigning hardware buttons to standard controller buttons in a separate app.
        -- Both of these modes have some issues. I need to learn more before I can discuss this, so that will wait for a separate post/thread.
        -- It does have enough speed for the couple of 3D games I tried so far.
        -- I currently have an AT&T US SIM and a T-Mobile US SIM installed. I do get a HSDPA+ signal in my area on AT&T. I have only 2G signal on T-Mobile, but that it because it is a 2G only plan. It may get 3G on T-Mobile US due to the frequency sharing arrangement between T-Mobile and AT&T as a result of the failed merger attempt.
        -- WiFi is very good.
        -- USB OTG works. No issues or "hacking" required.
        -- It will not connect as USB Mass Storage (The phone being mass storage to a PC). This is not supported in newer versions of Android. MTP worked immediately when I connected it to a Mac. (With the Google Android File Transfer Tool)
        -- GPS works fine. I have found that most MTK devices are a bit slow to get a fix, and that seems to be true for this device, too.
        -- I have not tried Bluetooth.
        -- I have not tried playing music (MP3's), but I tried some game sounds, and YouTube videos with music. Both rear speakers work, and there is good power. You can notice the stereo effect. It's not a replacement for a quality Bluetooth (or wired) external speaker set, but if it is not up to your expectations for a phone's internal speakers, it is your expectations that are the problem, not the phone.
        -- Google Voice search works great - no delay, and voice responses work. Very impressive for a < US$150 phone.
        -- It has a rear mic for noise cancellation.
        -- The proximity sensor function is a bit slow. It takes several seconds for the screen to come back on after you move the device away from your ear. It's not as bad as earlier MTK devices, but it is enough of a delay to be a bit frustrating.
        -- It has a MUCH Launcher that gives it a iPhone-like panel of icons. There is no app drawer. Standard Android Widgets coexist with the iPhone like icons and folders (groups) fine. I would rather have the standard Android UI, but the MUCH Launcher does not get in the way of the rest of Android at all.
        -- As with most MTK phones, you can get into engineering mode with *#*#3646633#*#* Warning: do not change any settings in Engineering Mode unless you know what you are doing!

        - Good build quality for the cost
        - Fast and stable for general use
        - Game controls add a nice aspect for some casual games

        - Big and Heavy like a Phablet, but not really a big enough screen or enough pixels to be a Tablet replacement
        - Game controls are not really good enough to use for serious gaming
        - I really bought it for my son, and I have to let him use it, and I cannot keep it for my daily phone (Obviously this is really not a con as far as the MUCH G2, but it is a con for me. )

        If you are in the market for a Chinese phone in this price range, the MUCH G2 will not disappoint you even if you are accustom to phones from the major manufactures. You also get some game controls (basically for "free") as a nice additional aspect to an occasional game. Just don't expect it to really support every function of serious racing/fighting/flying games.



          thanks very much for your informative post.

          can i use this? io want to put your answer in my blog's review. i found so useful what you mention.



            If you find some of what I wrote is helpful, please feel free to use it.

            I will also link to your review from Linuxslate.com.

            If this thing had NFC, I would buy another one, and use it as my main phone.



              After a year, the battery on my son's iReadyGo Much G2 has puffed. It was bad enough to almost push the screen off the front of the phone.

              To be fair, it is not the phone (or batteries) fault. He lost the phone for over 2 months. We latter found it in my truck. The truck had been out in the Florida summer sun for all that time. He also had the habbit of leaving it on charge constantly, and doing thinks like using for a few minutes, and then putting it back on charge.

              Unfortunately it seems no one is still selling batteries for this phone.

              Some research shows that the battery for a Samsung Galaxy Note II may be about the same size/capacity/contact arrangement.

              Another possibility is the Lenovo 8" Phablet.

              Does any one know of a battery that may fit this phone? or at least one with the same cell so as that I can re-build it?