I'm stuck wondering why the [email protected] android tv is unable to just install all android 6.0 and lower apps and games from your account?I have the shield android tv and near on 85% of apps and games are uninstallable on this os,I get the blame shifted from developers towards google being at fault and google don't shed light on it being either party at fault,can someone give a laymans explination what is happening so wrongly that these apps and games we've all prior purchased are incompatible with our android tv os products please?As I'm begining to think of android tv os as a bag of [email protected] since buying my shield now,all we seem to aquire in the play store are mediocore to sub-par games and apps and i think I speak for most who own a android tv os product in saying it's just dire on the games and apps front at present.Thers a mere handfull of AAA standard and a plethera of [email protected] to choose from right now.