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    Android Remotes Keylayouts Database

    I think it's a good idea to start a new topic where users can easily find keylayouts for different remotes

    1) Install a terminal app
    2) Run the following command and copy the output to a text file.
    cat /proc/bus/input/devices
    (It is needed to get the vendor and ID of a remote)
    3) Paste the output into and name the description as your remote's name.
    4) Post a small picture of your remote together with the pastebin link and name of your remote,
    also post the Android OS and chipset eg. Amlogic - Oreo/Pie or Rockchip Oreo/Pie since some keys work differently from different vendors.
    Additional info - Can post which keys you remapped to better use the remote.

    small picture
    Name of remote
    Device runs Amlogic Pie firmware
    'X' Key works well if remapped to the Home button (substitute with info for remapped keys that work well on the remote if available)

    Some apps that can help test different keys (might not work on all devices, it can also get the vendor id of a remote)

    Here is a tutorial posted previously to use the 2 apps

    No need to post Xbox or PS2/3/4 remotes since there are available everywhere.
    We need support for eg. all the bluetooth remotes with touchpads, Rii, Mele, G10/20/30 airmouses etc.
    It will help a lot then users can immediately see a picture of their remote and quickly find the information they need.



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