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APP Developers Kitchen Rules

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    APP Developers Kitchen Rules

    This section of the forum is for sharing development ideas and apps.
    If you are a developper and want to publish your app here, you are very welcome.
    If you are a developer and simply want to help other developers with sharing your ideas and tips, you are very welcome too.

    If you reverse-engineered other people's work and want to put it here without their approval, please do not. Reverse engineering can teach you a lot, but you have to make something of your own without using other people's code if you want to post it here...
    Learning from other people's work is good, if you do it right and give credits.

    Before posting some code or app, please read the license other people posted on their code. Remember reusing GPL code is cool as long as you provide your app's code along with your app's binary.

    These are the rules of this forum.

    New apps are welcome, as well as Android Development Tips and usefull Piece of Code.

    Pirated Apps or Code will be removed as soon as we find it, or original developers report it. And in that case you can be banished from this site.

    Thank you if you want to contribute.
    Thank you too if you only want to use what is here.
    Please respect contributors, and give helpful feedback if you can.

    Remember that freaktab doesn't make money from the material on this site.
    We do it for fun, and for the pleasure of sharing fun with you.

    Petrus and the FreakTab Team