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Molle... aka Markus Stolt

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    Molle... aka Markus Stolt

    Well now. Where to start.

    "It was a dark and stormy night."


    "I was born, I grew up". If you follow my posts here in FreakTab, you'll see I'm fond of obscure (and not so obscure) quotes. This is just me. I'll be hard pressed to remember people I met yesterday but I can e.g. list every F1 world champion since 1950. Numbers, records etc. just seem to stick to my brain.

    I'm a husband and a father of two wonderful boys. The older is 10 and practices tae-kwon-do. The younger is 5 and quite a swimmer. My wife's an actress and the best thing that's ever happened to me.

    My life with computers started in '84 when my father bought me a C64. It was mostly a gaming platform but I must have tried every BASIC program I could find in Finnish computer magazines of that time. Since then computers have been an integral part of my life. I started studying IT in '91 after taking a tour in the armed forces (I got the rank of a Lieutenant, BTW). I graduated in '99 and started working for a company which develops provisioning and mediation software for telecom companies. I'm still there after all these years.

    I don't consider myself as a programmer, even though I'm not too bad at it. My talents lie in system architecture and technical project management. Whenever I have to do actual programming nowadays, it's usually in ANSI-C, PERL, UNIX scripts or SQL.

    BTW: "Molle" is a nickname I got from my friends when I was about 11 or so.

    Android and FreakTab

    I bought my first Android miniPC in early 2013 following a tip from a colleague. It was an MK802IIIS. My curiousity to take the most advantage of it lead me to FreakTab. I soon got really excited about the possibilities of Android and miniPCs and sold the MK and got a T428 to replace it. With that my hobby really started to get momentum. One of the first real challenges was to get the stuttery video playback of RK3188 sorted out. I was lucky to be able to participate in Phjanderson's and Sam321's quest for smooth playback which has since helped so many fellow users. I'm now on an X7 doing my best to help Wasser develop his KitKat ROM.

    I'm ever grateful to Bob for his trust in me when he made me a moderator of these forums.


    Do unto others as you'd like them do unto you.

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