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    What do you want to know? My given name is Darrell; some call me Dee, some call me Darrell.

    I learnt to code early-ish in life when my Dad brought a Comodore Pet home - Man, they were heavy! I 'cut my teeth' learning Z80A machine code on a ZX81 and sold my version of Frogger for the Spectrum to a commercial magazine in the UK called Sinclair User in (I think) '83 for £50. It was pre-sprite and so pretty crap!

    I studied Chemistry for my degree and doctorate and eventually ended up in the IT Industry, initially as a COBOLII / REX / JCL programmer, moving on to VC++ programmer, then as a Systems Analyst and finally as a Solution Architect for various consultancies. I currently work in EY's Strategy and Business Change group as a 'Digital' management consultant which takes up the vast majority of my time.

    I haven't coded in many years and so this is a bit of a revival for me. I last wrote VC++ in 2002! I'm hoping it's like a bike. So far I've focused on kitkat kernel creation, intially for RK3188 but soon AMLogic M8 too.
    Measy U4B (=Tronsmart T428) used by my kids!
    Onda v975m - M802 - Bought from Banggood.com
    Pipo M8HD 3G - RK3188 - don't buy from pipo-store
    Tronsmart S89 Vega -S802 (sponsored by Geekbuying)
    CX921b -RK3188T (sponsored by AndroidTV)
    Cube U30GT2 - RK3188 (part sponsored by Geekbuying)
    RKM MK902 - RK3188 (sponsored by RKM)

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