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tattman65 aka Mike Anderson

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    tattman65 aka Mike Anderson

    hello freaktab members , my name is Mike Anderson or tattman65 as the online world knows me. i have been a member of freaktab since almost day one . about a month after the site was born i joined . a complete noob to the android world.

    i got my first tablet and knew there was better days for the device. i joined here and began asking the normal noob stuff .
    was super impressed with the will to help that was found here .

    so i began to learn, flashed my first tablet and was stuck ! it was on from there.
    well, i soon after started to make bootanimations with the help of Damo and Finless i quickly became pretty good at it .

    I was asked soon there after to join freaktab and became the graphics guy and a moderator for the site .

    I am first and foremost a tattoo artist have been since 1979. i also create art in all other mediums, paint ,sculpt ,drawing.
    but my interest in android grew and grew .

    I have have watched this site grow beyond belief. it's so great to see something help so many people.

    so here i am a moderator and art developer still and will be as long as the site is up !!
    I try to help out wherever i can with whatever i can .

    just touching base on my bio here , will fill in more as time permits . so please help keep the site alive by helping out where you can ,be it knowledge or a small donation . every team member here does this for free,
    we do this because we want to not because we have to .

    check my g+ profile for wallpapers, zooper widgets and more .

    and if i can help with something here just ask !!! thanks for being here and have a great day !!!

    freaktab art developer if you like my work please buy me a pepsi