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[Sloppy Tutorial] Init.d Support into Your Roms

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    [Sloppy Tutorial] Init.d Support into Your Roms

    I Provided this to Videostrong in an email Recently And I hope this can work for others

    Based on this original thread [URL][/URL]

    2a. Create the file /system/bin/sysinit and fill with this script

    Script ---->>> [URL][/URL]
    Set permissions of sysinit to 777 or 755 ( rwxrwxr-x | rwxrwxrwx )


    2b. Modify Kernel for sysinit service


    1- Ability to unpack boot.img & ramdisk

    2- Some basiclinuxshell knowloedge

    3- Having Busybox located in /system/bin/busybox at yourrom

    Step 1: Making kernel ready

    1- Unpack kernel then ramdisk

    2- Open Init.rc with a text editor

    3- Add this codes at the end , before the paragraph which there is "stop bootanim" command in it :


    service sysinit /system/bin/sysinit oneshot [/CODE]
    4- Save , Exit and repack ramdisk and boot.img

    2c. Create Folders and insert scripts

    Create directory called init.d in /system/etc/


    Inside of init.d Place 2 Scripts (ripped out of a firmware abdul_pt Created for me a long time ago)


    1. 89insmod ---- [URL][/URL]


    2. 90userinit ------ [URL][/URL]

    there you have it.

    I told you guys its sloppy.
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    Sloppy maybe but useful none the less :D
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