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CX-818 (aka xtouch XTV01) custom Kernel - 1080 needed

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    CX-818 (aka xtouch XTV01) custom Kernel - 1080 needed

    Hi friends! Nice to meet you all, this is my first post here.
    I`ve got Android TV Box CX-818 based on RK3066 with RTL8188 wifi chip. With stock firmware this box was weeery slow, so i used mk808 Finless 2.1 (with my own kernell and modified "System", coz with Finless System there was no wifi). Everything works, but only in 720. Trying to get 1080 i flashed Finless 1080 kernel, and it booted, but without wifi.
    After that i`ve tried to compile my own kernel, but no luck.
    So i`m asking you, guru`s of this forum - can you help me and many other users of this box and compile a new kernel for this box with 1080 support please? And it will be nice to have overclocking options.
    Here is the stock kernel:

    Android 4.4.2

    Android 4.4.2 [ROOT]

    - Not running WiFi
    - No overclocking the CPU and GPU
    - Does not work AV output!C4MEmJwQ!ICWWZx...NrZGwJ5z0dAVBo