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UPDATE - MK908 Kernel with Frameskip Fix - 720p & 1080p Download

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    Originally posted by compcho View Post
    Mines is definitely set to the correct resolution. Maybe I am just going crazy lol :P
    I have noticed things like that when switching kernels before also... like being able to see a lighter black border around the green android bootup image.. and then not on the next kernel, with different sources. I don't think you are crazy but I don't know what causes it.
    If my work benefits you and you want to help out the cause, feel free to


      Wifi Question

      Answered in Rom's thread
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        Originally posted by hoabycsr View Post
        I updated the first post with my most recent kernels.
        Hi There
        I just want to let you know that I installed 5.1 1080p kernel (with full updated ROM package and made sure I am using correct boot) on my V1 MK908 and sadly, frame skip is back. I had to revert back to 3.5 kernel. That other frame fix you used is not working right.

        In addition, VPN app I am using is working now. Great!

        I have u30GT2 Tab based on same Rockchip SOC. Any way we could have full featured kernel with frame skip fix, VPN, OC, and similar features compiled for u30GT2 tab?
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          Can any body tell me what I'm doing wrong ?

          After that I get the finless1.6 logo with NO animation on the booting screen.
          I've tried the 400-720,400-180,800-720,and the 800-1080.img's but always get a static finless screen


            Hello everyone,
            maybe this is a stupid question ... so tell me im stupid if it is :P :P

            Can i use this kernel alongside with picuntu?

            I mean, actually i have replaced android with picuntu, i have wifi working but video is terrible...
            So i want to replace kernel with this one with rkbatchtool.

            I have a RK3188 MK809III.



              mk908 v1 or v3 or v5

              whats the difference i know v1 is hard to come by considering no is selling them anymore.
              and also i bout two mk908 v3 and sold them to my friends but while testing them i found there were limitations on file transfer speeds like when i copied a xbmc.apk file (50MB) from my nas box the speed did not exceed 500kbps on both devices one with different rom. and then i came across finless1.6 not 1.6a and that gave me the best result which was close to 1mbps. but when using my cs868 and a extremely old gtv220 tv box they both gave me 1.7mbps same file same source all using es file manager. do you think this is a bug