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Simplifying and automating multi-stick RK3188 kernel compilation

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    Originally posted by Legitsu View Post
    so after a day or two of trial and error me and hoaby got a working kernel for the 3.0 boards
    it boots and works but there are a few issues
    1. the output is not correct due to the use of "overlay"[output is set to 1080 but inreality its outputting at 720 even tho that the kernel is 1080] also some reallly weird scaling bugs if you don't use "overlay" support
    2. attempting to use the on-demand governer results in a blackscreen of death or boot loop
    3. possible issues getting the ram to run at 800Mhz
    I know hoaby is working off SDK1 and thats REALLY old code but he says its the only one he can get it to output display with due to this "overlay support" he keeps talking about
    anyone have any input on how to get a proper kernel going/rom going ? 1230 in Antutu sucks
    edit: finally got around to setting up a build envro doesn't boot no matter what I try with thesawolf's tree
    current devices(rockchip sucks)
    Hardkernel ODROID C1 running android kitkat
    Hardkernel ODROID XU3-L Running Linux/openelec (primary media server)
    rPi model B+ running nothing ... bricked


      2 configs
      Ap6210 WiFi MK802-IV or UG007B or cx-919


      old MK802-IV or UG007B with RTL8188


        thanks to all for the collaboration in this thread. We will have soon a commune source to work on, so soon (I hope) we will can prepare a common github, and we will can compile kernels for all devices based on it.
        We can be near for accept commits for people, so the improvements we can add to our sources can be useful for all.
        I want to emphasize how important is to add our configs for our devices here, more devices supported, more people will join us.
        We are creating a big open source community here. So thanks to all people
        My devices:
        Minix Neo X7; Minix Neo X8-H , Minix Neo Z64W & Z64 (Sponsored by Minix)
        MK902 & MK902II(Sponsored by RKM)
        Beelink M8B & Beelink R89 (Sponsored by Beelink)
        Tronsmart VEGA S89H (Sponsored by
        MELE-PCG03 (Sponsored by Discount Coupon:MPCG03
        Ainol Intel Z3735 MiniPC(Sponsored by
        Thanks to them I can try to support your devices