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rkpatchomatic tool - overclock / vsync fix any binary rk3188 kernel!

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    This kernel cannot be rotted. I tried kingo and king root both from pc and android. Tsparky olso failed.

    I need a proper kernel and thats the only one that allow me to get the system up.


      Hi, I've try this wonderfull on an Archos 97b platinium HD and got some questions about it.
      -> I use it with stock rom so, I've try with boot.img and kernel.img. Script works but, the system can't see the overclock
      -> I use it with Iron rom (it on 4.4.4) and Cpu master see the overclock....

      I would like to know if there is a file in the system wich block the overclocking on stock rom ?
      8'' Polaroid MIDC408 rooted by default
      9.7'' Polaroid MIDC497 rooted with ICS unlocker


        I have a Q88PSV GPD and need to make a custom kernel. I tried to use the rkpatchomatic tool, but the kernel does not work.
        The clock remains unchanged 1.416mhz
        Could someone create a custom kernel for me with the following values
        CPU 1.608mhz
        GPU 600MHz
        DDR 667MHz
        This is my original kernel!c191VRTA!LmviUiWM7...vPG7R649Hja9go