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AMLogic ROM Building Tips and Tricks by Finless

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    So I got a nexbox A95X with a Amlogic S905X processor, I want to install a proper ATV rom on it so I can watch netflix and use Kodi within the same ROM.

    I downloaded a few roms, they won't install on my device unless I change the (u)boot, ddr and kernel with the customisation tool.
    So finally having it installed on my device, I boot it up and all I get is a weird(wrong colors etc) looking bootlogo. Has anyone an idea where I should look into? Do I have to change more within the ROM?

    Hopefully somebody can help me out.


      I seem to have missed it, is there any way for me to repack just SYSTEM.IMG? I don't need to swap out IMGs in Level 1. I need to be able to alter what's in system.img and have it repack.

      With the Rockchip tools this is no problem. But Amlogic's tool wont let do anything to the contents of system in level 2 without a repack fail. Advice needed.

      if Amlogic Customization Tool isn't the right tool to repack just system.img then is there a tool that can do it? Thanks.


        With Nougat, you can't rely on the Customization Tool to repack the sparse system image. You're best bet is to mount as r/w in Ubuntu and then use this version of make_ext4fs in android-tools-fsutils (https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/a...-tools-fsutils) with the OEM file contexts (converted from file_contexts.bin).

        Here's the shell script I use:

        set -e
        for file in *.raw; do
          echo Found image: $file
          size=$(wc -c <$file)
          sudo mount -t ext4 -o loop,rw $file system/
          echo Image is mounted r/w. Exit sudo shell when modifications are complete.
          sudo -i
          sudo make_ext4fs -S file_contexts -L system -l $size -s -a system system.PARTITION system/
          sudo umount system
        Note that this assumes the raw (non-sparse) image has *.raw extension and that the "file_contexts" is in the same directory. You can pull the raw image from the device using the "dd" command or convert it from sparse format using the "simg2img" command.


          Hi, thanks for the great info. At the moment I'm really only dealing with marshmallow ROMs and not nougat. Is there still a way using the customization tool to repack the system img?

          I'm basically doing ATV conversions and can't simply make the edits I need within system.img's unpacked contents and repack the the IMG, like I can with Rockchip tools.

          With marshmallow ROMs is this still only able to be done with Ubuntu and not within windows or command line prompt? Thanks


            I've compiled Amlogic's latest buildroot for S905 successfully but I don't understand how to make an OTA package / factory image like:

            Vega S95_Meta_SD_20160413.rar\p200_2G-ota-201604140414.zip
            Vega S95_Meta_USB_20160413.zip\S905_A8_DDR2G_WIFI6330_V egaS95_Meta_p200_2G-201604140414.img

            In AOSP you would normally do "make otapackage", but when I do it on Amlogic's buildroot I get "amlogic make[1]: *** No rule to make target `otapackage'. Stop.".

            Does anybody know how to make such images for Amlogic?

            Thank you.

            Ok, I understand now, the buildroot is not an Android SDK, therefore no "make otapackage" available. I cannot delete this post.
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              What is the best Android kitchen around for amlogic firmware in zip format? Thank you, SuperR kitchen is great just seems to create the wrong mount points/partition table,



                I am new to this ROM creation/porting thing.

                I want to know what would be the possible reasons why a new ROM is booted ( kernel, boot.PARTITION and dtb.img is for sure working and tested with a different SYSTEM image on the same hardware ), but it is unable to go beyond the bootanimiation.

                That is, the bootanimation is not even appearing on the TV screen. It just get stuck and showing the static logo. What is the possible reasons for it to get stuck at this stage ?


                  hi I am new using tv box I have t95z plus box with 2/16 gb DDR3 whats the best rom with L1 for this box with link I am using burning tool if some can help me


                    hello, aun F30 up projector couldn't find stock rom,
                    6.0.1 rom

                    Can you help me?

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                      Well, you can change the ROM by downloading a file from the NEXBOX website. (The default is "NEXBOX_DOT.zip")


                        Originally posted by ariegley View Post
                        Well, you can change the ROM by downloading a file from the NEXBOX website. (The default is "NEXBOX_DOT.zip")
                        Then the BIOS has an option to download your file. If not, you can download the original ROM file and modify it.
                        But you still have to do that with the software you use to install it. So it depends on your installer. You can still try to find more information at https://tipsogram.com/.
                        Once you have completed the installation, you will need to copy this file to the BIOS menu to enable "Boot from USB."