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Failed to mount cache

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    Failed to mount cache

    How can I fix that problem failed to mount cache? Anyone please!

    I would try.. Booting into Android Recovery mode... then choose format Cache

    If your device has root...
    Hmm.. Can you still Install new apps?
    Then you might be-able to install a tool from XDA to move Cache to Sdcard ( move symbolic link )
    - or modify/edit some sytem files to change mount point ( not easy.. high brick risk )

    Other options..
    Reflash firmware ?

    If all fails...
    Libre-Elec, Core-Elec, Lakka, Emu-Elec, linux Can all be booted/run from sdcard ( on most devices )

    Can you share.. More info about your device ( name/cpu/wifi chipser ect )

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      It's a A95X F3 SLIM Android box..... I installed a firmware in it and everything was fine until I updated and then it became like that. I did everything: factory reset, nothing works, I tried to reinstall the firmware update and even other one. The results is the same: FAILED TO MOUNT CACHE I/0.

      And please explain to me how would I do that:

      Booting into Android Recovery mode... then choose format Cache.

      Thank you so much for trying to help me!