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    thank you,seems to be a great solution. i will test it.
    so with this method is possible to have android and androidtv store in one device. nice.
    i will test also coreelec after configuration for remote/mmc setup/psp addon


      Originally posted by Kazar View Post
      corelec doesn't boot in my sammy 4K tv. anyway i can load on old fhd but it isn't compatible with tvbox remote control, there is no install into emmc button and i have also to check which addon can be used for n64/psp emulation.
      For now i'm decompiling frank 3.1(removed xmas wallpaper/boot animation)and check if system can be directly replaced with a not android tv rom(i prefer old fashioned android too)
      Very strange for your scenario to be the case.

      But should you do try it again, there are a couple of simple procedures available to get the remote control to work and there never has been an install to eMMC button, you have to execute a command to do it, and it's very simple to do.

      Plenty of info over at the CE Forum.
      R-TV BOX S10, Beebox N3150, Chuwi Hibox, Nvidia Shield, A95X Max


        there are several post about black screen after boot. this problem is also present in android after last sammy update for Sky Q problems(iptv decoder)(probably i should check also sammy service menu)
        not still tested because i'm verify frak3.1 and i need also time to set properly it (boredom)


          This seems to be the general scenario that mirrors your issue with CE on your 4K TV.

          R-TV BOX S10, Beebox N3150, Chuwi Hibox, Nvidia Shield, A95X Max


            finally restored minifreak os with minor changes from amlogic tool(may 2019 security patch), because seems to be more stable than frank3.1 2020(with jan 2019 security patch) and have a better GUI
            -would like to test init.d script frank to minifreak there are 2 more script adrenaline/ram and gpu script. i suppose need to add script name somewhere
            -frank3.1 use only rgb8bit output,downscale cpu up to 100MHz but anyway there is ace stream pro apk
            -reflashing minifreak os seems to fix market slow download (not app cache reset)
            -still need time to fix coreelec with my device