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Jobs/Work Available. H96 Max customization of ROM, setup of build tools

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    Jobs/Work Available. H96 Max customization of ROM, setup of build tools

    Sorry if the wrong forum.
    I want to employ someone to do the following tasks.

    H96Max The stock Android 10 ROM suits my needs fine but am open to changing to another.
    Setup a build environment over teamviewer on a dedicated 100mbt fiber Win 10 PC that I have.
    Unpack Stock Android ROM or other ROM from factory files.
    Be able to backup standard ROM to unpacked files
    Me have the ability to change any files needed on ROM.
    Make the ROM fine to generate any unique ID's that FCM, Firebase Cloud Messaging needs.
    Build ROM to a boot.img that can be flashed.

    Please respond with your rate, have a job posted on Upwork here and prefer to use Upwork escrow

    I have done this myself in the past but with another ROM and yeah for someone that does not have indepth knowledge of this yeah it was a marathon effort.. One thing that I could not do was generate like a first boot Google Play UUID or whatever it is that G identifies you as so that Firebase Cloud Messaging or GCM works.

    I will have ongoing work averaging about 10 hours a month or more.
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    Is this still relevant or are there any other options? I'm looking for a job


      I have some advice for both of you. Adamoz you can place your ad on job search sites. And luluzila, if your vacancy is no longer relevant, you can go to following link. In both cases, I recommend using some kind of job search site, since it is on such sites that millions of people are looking for a good position and find it. In any case, I thought that someone will respond to this vacancy, as it is quite interesting and it all depends on the salary that you are willing to pay the employee for the work.
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