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    Click image for larger version  Name:	Freaktab Anniversary final.png Views:	1 Size:	321.1 KB ID:	720244

    Hello Freaktabbers,

    7 Years Freaktab, 7 Years Alive and Kicking, Time for an Anniversary Giveaway.
    We like to say thank you to our User´s, cause without you we would not be where we are.
    You the Users have helped to grow Freaktab in the last 7 Years.
    Also, we like to say thank you to our Developers and Moderators for there help in the last 7 Years.
    Last but not least we like also to say thank you to our Advertising Partners for there support!
    But this Giveaway is for our Users as a big thank you!

    We were able to get 11 Giveaway Items for our Users from Smartphone to TV Boxes!

    Here comes the list of our Advertiser, who sponsored our
    devices for this great event.

    W2Comp a.k.a PROBOX2



    What prizes do we have exactly in the Giveaway in order to win?

    Winners are now listed ...

    1. OUKITEL WP5000 --- #234 kazar

    2. PROBOX2 AVA --- #77 orionas21

    3. ZIDOO H6 PRO --- #134 gatos814

    4. UGOOS AM3 --- #148 tltester

    5. UGOOS AM3 --- #49 robot20

    6. UGOOS AM3 --- #72 tantrums

    7. RKM MK22 with FLY MOUSE --- #158 damluc

    8. MECOOL M8S PRO from GEEKBUYING --- #7 gardius

    9. MECOOL M8S PRO L from GEARBEST --- #232 spitfire69

    10. RKM MK06 with FLY MOUSE --- #166 blackthirteen

    11. MX10 RK3328 from COOLICOOL ---#246 otomazeli

    Now we have added the winners in the list. You will get a private mail.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	2018-04-15.png Views:	1 Size:	118.6 KB ID:	720236

    The Rules:

    1: This Giveaway will run until 2018-04-30
    2: This is an international giveaway.
    3: You must be the age of majority in your Country of residence.
    4: Only one entry per person.
    5: This giveaway is operated by FreakTab and our Giveaway Sponsors.
    6: To Win on this Giveaway leave us a post here and maybe tell us what
    we can do better in the future, we will pick the winner by random.

    7: A payout of the Price is not possible.
    8: By participating there is no legal claim on the device.
    9: The Prices will be shipped out by the Sponsors to the Winners.

    How to Enter this Giveaway and Win one of that Price?
    Leave us a post here and maybe tell us what we can do better in the future.
    Also please share this Giveaway on Facebook Twitter etc.
    We will pick the winner by random.

    And now we wish good luck.

    Neomode & JDfense for the FreakTabTeam

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    Last edited by FreakTabTeam; 05-11-2018, 07:44.

    Hello Freaktab team. I appreciate your efforts with all the stuff and information you are sharing throught this forum. I am not sure what you can do to get better in the future. I just think that for the average person this forum already has too much stuff to provide and I have 0 complaints. Maybe your downloads section needs a redesign because the files inside are not very well organized. Other than that I really enjoy it here. Keep up the good work and thanks for the giveaway contest


      Originally posted by neomode View Post
      9: The Prices will be shipped out by the Sponsors to the Winners. [CENTER]
      [COLOR=#FF0000][SIZE=16px][SIZE=18px][I][B][FONT=tahoma]How to Enter this Giveaway and Win one of that Price?
      Item 9 "price" did you mean "Prize". price mentioned twice :-)
      Happy Anniversary


        I'd like to win something too


          Thanks freaktab .you are great!


            Congrats for the anniversary. It's a awesome Giveaway. Thanks for the oportunity

            Enviado desde mi MI 6 mediante Tapatalk


              I never won nothing,maybe this time will have luck.


                Great site, congrats for anniversary. I'm in.


                  WOW this one is big giveaway. Happy anniversary. There are always little spaces for improvements, but overal i'm satisfied with forum, and i'm glad that advertisers listen to our posts and give answers.


                    Happy anniversary Freaktab.

                    This is amazing giveaway. Never seen something like this.


                      Not really sure what u guys could do to make it any better. This site already kicks @$$ maybe reorganize the download section and definitely do more giveaways. Maybe like a monthly giveaway keep things fun and interesting. Thanks for the chance to win one of these amazing prizes. Who doesnt like free stuff????


                        GREAT place for finding help, giving help and discover posibilities of all devices.
                        had been developing kernel's on old devices. have an older device now and would need o newer one to play with.
                        it's hard to tell you what to do better as it is almost perfect.

                        good luck in the future and hopefully we'll write here again on 8th anniversary FreakTab.


                          Happy anniversary Freaktab!!!

                          I think Freaktab needs a dedicated space for CUSTOM ROMs for every Android TV box or Smartphone.
                          Also I sometimes miss review videos of the products. Reviews of the products should be done in the same procedure every time for easier device comparison.
                          I think it is a good idea to have a comparison chart of devices with different tests and values.

                 wish you to exist long long years.


                            Congratulation to all the admins and members for making it this far and really hoping to last forever because this forum helps a lot of members that includes me. This forum contains a lot of information that will help you troubleshoot and make your device way better than original state. kudos to all the members and admins. And thank you for the sponsors for the giveaways.


                              Amazing giveaway!
                              As for what You could do, I think fixing logo in Black&Green theme would be nice start. Other than that maybe some more people to keep )move) threads in the right subforums? I saw (didn't check lately) that at least Alfawise S912 subforum is a little mess - threads of devices with their subforums sometimes are created outside them, in Firmware forum are questions, same for Tutorials one... Hard to find what are You looking for, even worse for new users.
                              ALFAWISE H96 Pro+ 3/32 (S32-V6) | 7.1.2 | SCV7A | OC kernel | TWRP 3.1.1-0 | 64GB