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Humming Bird Depth Finder Helix down Imaging Gps

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  • scooter2014
    Been working goid now... Shows fish just to tease me. Edit fix it fish float to surface once to drop a few sticks of tnt tied to a rock. Just dont forget the rock

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  • bluesmanuk
    Well if it doesn't work on the boat, then throw it in the water.

    Fish are attracted to low voltage electrical currents, especially Sharks, so might make for good bait.

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  • RISCy Dude
    Not a lot of familiarity with this category, but even I can see these have come along way.

    I can see why you picked the smaller screen, other would be huge in your setup, block scenic view,... whoever she is.

    Fish bite setting probably only available in the 12 inch model.
    Have you tried talking nice to the fish?



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  • scooter2014

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  • Humming Bird Depth Finder Helix down Imaging Gps

    Hi Everyone

    Just Thought Id share the new Depth Finder I just got with everyone..

    Now the selection process was very painfull. Ask any guy standing in front of a monitor and given a choice of a 5 inch screen and a 12 inch screen we all know what one we want. Go big Or Go Home this voice kept screaming in my head.... But reality set back in and I started looking at one that would actually fit. The previous fish finder was mounted dead center of console. So made choice easier once I knew Id end up with a ugly hole in the center of my dash board.

    The Specs
    • Display Size - Diagonal:5"
    • Display Pixel Matrix:800H x 480V
    • Display Type:Color TFT
    • Display Colors Grayscale:16-bit
    • Sonar Standard:CHIRP/Side Imaging/Down Imaging/DualBeam PLUS
    • Standard Sonar Coverage:20°, 60° & (2) 86° @ -10db (Total of 180°)
    • Standard Sonar Frequency:83/200/455 kHz
    • Sonar Optional:50kHz, 50/Low Airmar CHIRP
    • Target Separation:2.5"
    • Power Output RMS:500 Watts
    • Power Output Peak to Peak:4000 Watts
    • Depth Capability:1500 ft
    • Temperature:Built-In Transducer
    • Speed:GPS Speed Included
    • Backlight:LED
    • Unit Size - Gimbal Mount:7.55"W x 4.64"H x 3.3"D
    • Mount A Type:Gimbal Mount
    • Unit Size - Indash Mount:7.55"W x 4.28"H x 1.13"D
    • Mount B Unit Size2:Optional In-Dash
    • Mounting Options:In-Dash Mount
    • Transducer Standard:XNT 9 SI 180 T
    • Transducer Mounting:Transom
    • Optional Sonar:CHIRP
    • Power Input:10.8-20 VDC
    • Power Draw:615 mA
    • GPS Receiver:Included
    • GPS Tracking:Included
    • GPS Chartplotting:Included
    • Waypoints, Routes, Tracks/Points:2,750, 47, 50/20,000
    • Humminbird Mapping:Optional
    • Navionics+:Optional
    • Navionics Platinum+:Optional
    • SwitchFire Sonar:Included
    • Humminbird PC:Included
    • Upgradable Internal Software:Included
    • Split Screen Zoom:Included
    • Split Screen Bottom Lock:Included
    • Large Digits View:Included
    • Wide/Narrow Cone Split Screen:Included
    • Custom View Selections:Included
    • Custom Digital Readout:Included
    • Temperature Alarm:Included
    • Freeze Frame:Included
    • Instant Image Update:Included
    • Selective Fish ID+:Included
    • Real Time Sonar:Included
    • Triplog:Optional
    • X-Press Menu System:Included
    • MMC Others:Micro SD
    • Card Reader Available:Yes
    • # Card Slots:1
    Mine came with one year maps.

    The Install.

    Taking the old Transducer off left a new problem it was mounted right beside the motor. So i removed it and put screws back with sealants made to stay. Because this transducer still worked. I removed the line to the frknt of the boat and installed the new one in about an hour. Mounting screws provided suck... I had better metal self tapping ones so measured out followed instructions and 2 hours later that was completed. Ya bit more complicated then I had expected.

    The mounting of main unit at old location.

    As I expected mounting bracket would not fit into the opening in center of the console. The fix was using the old bracket and a finished piece of maple mounting that to the old bracket and then mounting the new bracket to the new platform. That fit perfectly. Drilled one hole for the wires and gromet supplied in the box fit as expected. I used silicone to make sure its never moving. About 1 hour to complete.

    Wiring that was easy hook up as diagrams provided all the info. I used gel clips as its a water proof solution and i hate twist on connections. About 25 minutes it was ready to test. ( Note I did dis Connect the battery when installing) better safe then sorry. It actually made me clean up a few poor wiring jobs and finally hooked up my radio thats been waiting for final hook up for weeks.

    Did not start up the device as it has to be in water for transducer to be operated properly.
    Ill add photos of install.

    First Test. Was kinda blown away with all the settings but the Maps part was my best liked part. One push of the button my hot spot fishing hole logged into the device and allows me to just pull it back up and navigate right back to the spot. ( Also handy when that one drunk guy falls over board not that has ever happened )

    12 different colour settings for the charts and graphs.
    Downward imaging shows bottom 6 type so many settings i was at first bit overwelmed but slowly getting the hang of what each does... The device even has a ice fishing setup.

    So all in Very impressed so far with my new addition. But cant help think every time i start changing setting looking at maps that the old cheap fish finder I just turned on and waited for the beeps to tell me i was over fish lol.... But being out lost in the fog early am and using the gps cured that feeling of loss over the old device.

    Now if i can only find the setting that makes the fish actually bite ..... I have yet to find that Damn setting...