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G30 2.4G Wireless Voice Air Mouse 34 Keys

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    G30 2.4G Wireless Voice Air Mouse 34 Keys

    Something Interesting I found and happen to like the G30 Wireless Remote and for $9.99 had to be worth a look and so I did

    Easy to use:
    Similar in look to the current Air mouse/Remote found with many TV boxes today, except more buttons

    I like the way the OK button has distance between the direction arrow buttons. My thumb seems to push OK with UP/ DOWN on the other remotes
    This one no problem. Buttons have a strong click sound when pressed and good feel, also Visual Indications of a Green glow from around the TV Button

    You can Vary the speed of that crazy Squirrel Mouse (Air mouse) by Holding OK and VOLUME + to go up or - to go down in speed.

    The TV and Power Buttons are used for IR learning
    Hold TV Button 3 seconds a Red LED will flash slowly

    Face the two remotes towards each other holding the button you wish the New remote to learn, it will flash and go once it has learned IR Code
    Same can be done with Power button.
    TV + Del Button resets all values

    Voice part of remote appears to work well with Hello Google tested only so far

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