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Tanix TX5 Max Amlogic 905X2 4/32gb Dual Wifi Lan BT4

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    Tanix TX5 Max Amlogic 905X2 4/32gb Dual Wifi Lan BT4

    Tanix TX5 Max Android 8.1 TV Box - BLACK 4GB RAM+32GB ROM
    Amlogic S905X2 4GB LPDDR4 + 32GB EMMC 2.4GHz + 5GHz WiFi BT4.2:

    As seen with Most of these Amlogic 905X2
    It much the same as others tested to date, except for the Tanx/Alice twist.

    Setting up of WiFi, Google Account, updates and Installed Apps etc all good, no issues found
    WiFi and Ethernet speeds Normal here.

    Running Android 8.1
    T5 Max does have Root Access, unfortunately no Upper or Lower Bars
    Has the Q/Enter Issue for us keyboard users luckily an easy fix.
    LED display does appear very bright white colour.

    I have noticed when doing Screen Capture it's not an Instant, there is a pause of a few seconds before it actually happens on screen,
    Also appears to be some Background activity as you will see later in CPU test.
    Does not appear to affect overall operations

    Rom Dates Late December, no updates as yet when checked OTA.

    Let's have a look around and see what it has to offer, a few Gif animations about 4 seconds each frame

    Full Story: can be found


    Alice UI, and Info:

    Root Access, DRM L3, Ram and Storage Truth:

    CPU-Z and Aida64:

    The pop out: Should be a place to turn it off


    CPU Monitor: Something going on just sitting idle

    Geekbench 4:

    SD CARD Test:

    USB2 Read/Write:

    USB3 Read Write:

    More or a read and Discussion can be found

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