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UGOOS AM7 905X4 Coming very soon

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    UGOOS AM7 905X4 Coming very soon

    Ugoos AM7 will be a new model.

    Among the details we can share now are:
    • Brand new wireless chipset with WIFI 6 MIMO support and Bluetooth version 5
    In order to perform high-level wireless connection we going to use dual antenna schema for better MIMO technology coverage as we did with Ugoos AM6.
    • USB Type C OTG Port on board with USB 3.0
    Different ports versions make double abilities to connect and use a wider row of peripheral devices
    • 4GB DDR4 and 32 GB EMMC
    First devices on the market will be available with high quality RAM modules 4GB DDR4 and 32 GB EMMC.
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    Thanks to UGOOS today we can have a Look see at the NEW Ugoos AM7

    Has a few Great features as most Ugoos devices.

    The Box:

    What's in the Box: and so WHITE the lot
    Covered excluding underside with a Clear Acrylic ~3mm or so thick (maybe bullet proof)

    Side View or back your choice:
    WiFi and power Button

    This be the Front View I feel:
    Microphone or Sensor

    All these Ports Sweet:
    3 x USB x and SPIDF

    And More on the other Side:
    HDMI, Network USB 2 USB C and Power 5vdc @3amps

    Underside Vents
    Reset and Update buttons

    And subdue glow with UGOOS Logo on top:
    lights down to show it off more

    More to be found here
    Please consider
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