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Unbrick Kits for Amlogic Based Nextbooks - Download Thread

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    Unbrick Kits for Amlogic Based Nextbooks - Download Thread

    What are they:

    The kits below contain pre-made disk images to create Rescue SD Cards for the corresponding Nextbook tablets. These should only be used if you are unable to access recovery mode by other methods, for example, if your bootloader is damaged or if you've flashed an incompatible ROM.

    Unbrick kits for additional models will be added to this post in the future.

    How they work:

    A rescue SD card contains a modified bootloader embedded in it's boot sector. When an Amlogic processor boots up, it always looks a bootloader in the external SD card first. This allows your tablet to boot entirely from the SD card instead of from internal NAND memory. The files on the card then wipe your internal bootloader, boot image and recovery image, and start recovery from SD card so you can flash a new ROM.

    How to create the Rescue SD Card:

    Download the corresponding unbrick kit for your tablet. Make sure you get the right one. DO NOT attempt to use an unbrick kit for a different model. If an unbrick kit isn't available for your tablet, wait until one is. If you're not sure, ask. Someone here on the forums will be able to answer your question.

    Unzip the unbrick kit.

    Inside you will find instructions for windows or unix. Choose one and read it entirely and carefully before beginning.

    Files are named in the following format: Unbrick_Kit_"Model"_"Board".zip

    check board in ro.product.board, ro.build.product, ro.build.description or ro.build.fingerprint




    Support Thread:

    Unbrick Kits for Amlogic Based Nextbooks - Support Thread

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