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ShaunMT's Parameter Patches for Nextbook NX785QC8G (Download Thread)

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    ShaunMT's Parameter Patches for Nextbook NX785QC8G (Download Thread)

    These files are for the Nextbook NX785QC8G.

    These patches increase the /data partition to the indicated size by decreasing the /sdcard partition size.

    Please read this entire post before flashing!

    The size indicated in the file name will be the new /data size

    The /sdcard partition gets whatever available space is left over.

    Changing the partition layout requires relocating, reformatting, and / or restoring the affected partitions. These installers handle all of this automatically. The following is a list of what happens:

    1. /system, /kpanic and /metadata get backed up to external SD card.
    2. the new parameters get flashed
    3. tablet reboots to load new parameters
    4. /data and /sdcard get reformatted to their new sizes
    5. /system, /kpanic and /metadata get restored to their new locations.
    6. temporary installation files are deleted

    Please make sure you have a compatible device!

    Nextbook has a history of changing internal hardware without changing product names. You are strongly advised to review your stock build.prop entries to verify compatibility before flashing. The easiest way for most users to do this is to download any build.prop editor app from the Play Store.

    The red portions of the following build.prop entries should match to ensure compatibility:

    ro.product.device=NXM865FD 4.4.2 KOT49H V2.0.9 release-keys


    If one of the above values doesn't match, or you are unsure about anything, you should post a reply in the support thread and ask for advice before flashing.


    1. Choose and download the desired patch size below.
    2. Place the downloaded .zip file on your external SD card.
    3. Verify you have at least 2 GB of free space remaining on your external SD for backing up existing partitions.
    4. Flash using TWRP, available here:


    Support Thread:


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