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Lets make a game;)

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    Lets make a game;)

    Hi all

    Lately im into game making
    and i already made my first game witch is called
    "The White Line Journey"
    Its My first game so please dont be harsh;p

    Now i Would like to make a new game
    but im out of ideas
    If Anyone have idea for new game
    (or how to improve the one i already made)
    want share an art or work with me on it
    please let me know by posting here.

    "The White Line Journey"
    Best played with gamepad


    Everything is possible if we work together!

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    Very impressive for a first try


      Yeah that is a great try by you. I am a professional IOS developer and can understand what happen when you starts with some idea and then find yourself surrounded by problems.
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        I've been hankering for something fun to play with multiple gamepads on my Android TV box. Best I've managed so far is emulators, but they're starting to feel dated on an HD display. I know my quad-core S805 is capable of more. I'm not even looking for crazy 3D gpu-accelerated stuff. Just a simple game that is fun for multiple players, and isn't resized up from an interlaced standard def signal!


          superb efforts lewy, you did a great job.. you asked about ideas so here it is..

          - Tower Defence game
          - what about Puzzle Game?
          - Adventure

          In my opinion these type of games can go viral because people love to play

          Good Luck !


            It should say "Congratulations" in the end not "Congratulation"

            It looks good, similar to what we have seen before, but still different.


              wow good job, I am impressed


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