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Advertisers here - understand how we work! NO BS!

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  • ryadre
    Although the hassles I and others are having with Geekbuying when trying to return a faulty unit isnt a good look.

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  • ZonaMojo
    Glad to finally see ads, and I am confident you are handling it the correct way. Anything that will ensure the longevity of this forum I am all for.

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    Guest replied
    Well said Bob. No customer service or bad customer service = NO ADS for you on HF.

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  • Advertisers here - understand how we work! NO BS!

    Hi folks, as you see we are now having advertisers here to help support the site and bandwidth cost.

    I want to explain how this works and how Will and I do advertisers. We are not like all the other BS sites that will let anyone advertise!

    We will NEVER do the BS Google adsense and trackers EVER! I hate that stuff!!!
    Our ads here are simple. I coded Vbulletin myself! The ads here are simple graphics with no BS Trackers or anything like that. All we "count" is click throughs so the advertisers know stats here. Thats it!

    Our advertisers here are TRUSTED! That is, either we have done business with them and know they are good sellers, or we have worked with them and know they are legit and not ripoffs! WE DO NOT JUST TAKE ANY ADVERTISER HERE! We have to know they will suport their customers! Any advertiser we bring on that breaks this trust is GONE no matter what they want pay us!

    It's not all about money folks... It's about bringing you good quality resellers and suppliers here. This is how we work. No BS.

    Anyway, I just wanted you all to know the direction we are going and how this will work for you and us!