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10G2 So Many Roms Which is the best???

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    10G2 So Many Roms Which is the best???

    Hi all, I am looking at upgrading my 10G2 which now takes on average 5 to 6 mins to boot.. I can't suffer that anymore.
    So far I have seen:
    Morkamod v1.15 (but it's not compatible with Flashplayer 11) v 1.16 is way off yet?? although I could be wrong...
    Kasty EZ Version 1.2 (2012/07/23):
    Finless Bob's Custom ROM by Finless Version 1.5c (Not too sure if it's still being updated)
    Finless Bob's GingerComb" 2.2 Pro ROM – FINAL
    Finless Bob's "GingerComb" Custom ROM Version 2.1 CWM (using the latest 2012 Philly Stock rom)
    Arctablet Kitchen: Build your custom Arnova firmware (offline for ages).
    Stability is the issue, compatibility with flash 11, BBCiplayer ect.. Speed obviously, Full root access, so it's easier to use backup software. and especially an easy way to flash without bricking.
    Anything by Bob if it was like the stock rom (img install), would be perfect, and IMO many people would probably agree. (no more hold this down with one hand, push a pin in with the other and "Can someone come and hold this while I push that". Although I did read that the pin is not a requirement and that you only need to press the audio + and press power button, I just wish I could remember where i read it.
    Is there anything in particular that someone could say "this is it" "you can't go wrong". Lots of space, wifi works a dream, (no more turning itself off when it fancies it), (why does the 10G2 insist on turning itself on when you plug in the mains). This one is more of a gripe, I put it on mains to charge the battery, i turnsitself on & the battery takes longer to charge.... Sensless.
    Would be great if some chaps could give some feedback please as to what they use on there 10G2 8GB, and any problems they may have had.
    I did read somewhere that it's a "Must" to put the original firmware rom on first before flashing with a Custom rom, but this could just be a load of tosh.
    And are there any other rom's available that are as up to date as the above.
    Really appreciate some input chaps... sadsack.
    p.s. after watching youtube vids, and reading so many postings I now feel totally lost as to where to go next, (Especially the amount of, "my screen is black", "my one won't turn on anymore", this doesn't work, that doesn't work, and yet there must be just as many people who have had no problems at all.
    Thanks for reading chaps..
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    I can't say that I tried all of these roms, but I tried a lot of them.

    The one I use now, and I think I'll stick with it :
    Finless Bob's GingerComb" 2.2 Pro ROM. It is really stable and fast, and offers some more possibilities to tweak it. (you can apply startup scripts for ram management, for example, but you can also use it without any modification)

    Finless Bob's "GingerComb" Custom ROM Version 2.1 CWM is nearly the same version as 2.2 Pro, but without the init scripts enabled.

    If you don't know what is an init script, and don't want to mess with it, the 2 above versions are nearly the same.

    The 1.5c is also good, but the 2.X series is really much more in the "honeycomb" spirit.

    I tried the kasty rom a long time ago, before I tried Finless versions, so I can't really tell.

    One thing to note, though, is that Finless versions are "barebone" : all the bloatware from the original arnova rom is suppressed. And you can add the ones you want, with the provided AppInjector tool. That makes the rom really faster to boot and to use. And that leaves more space to install your own apps.


      Thanks Petrus,

      I have no use for the "init scripts", I'm just looking for stability, speed, better flash support, (not bothered about 3g dongles) as I believe the drivers are not available in the new phily rom.

      I'm just wondering if I could backup my most important apps as apk's and save them onto my p.c. and then reinstall them after the flash?

      I have already downloaded Firmware Finless 1.5c, Firmware Finless 2.2a Pro, Firmware Finless Gingercomb 2.1a CWM, Firmware Morkamod v 1.15,

      I have watched bob's video for v1.5, but do you know of a video showing the actual install procedure from start to finish on a 10G2, with speech if possible? I think I'm asking the impossible to be honest.

      Really appreciate your reply, cheers mate


        Re: 10G2 So Many Roms Which is the best???

        Is your tablet rooted? If it isn't, I don't think there an easu way to backup your installed apps.

        If it is rooted, there are quite a fex ways to backup your apks. For example Titanium backup does a good job. And I just finished to code an app called AppBackup which backups your apps in a zip file that AppInjector can use to install, later. It still has to be tested a bit before releasing it, but I think it won't be too long. But your tablet has to be rooted.


          Originally posted by petrus View Post
          Is your tablet rooted? If it isn't, I don't think there an easu way to backup your installed apps.
          No root my friend, It's only ever had the official arnova update put on it, I never knew you could root without flashing a custom firmware.
          Unless you know of a means of root without flashing.....



            Sadsack,I have had a 10bg2 for about a year now and a 10g2 for a couple months I've tried every available rom for both just playing around. Trust me Bobs Roms are the best barebones fast and very stable no you don't have to do anything except flash Bobs rom to your tab, for you it sounds like 2.1 would be the one and it was me you probably read saying the part about putting your tab in flash mode, just bring up the rom kit on your PC hook your tab up once it boots turn it back off then bring up the rk29 update tool you'll see no found rk android. Then press power and volume. Up at the same time you should see found rk android of course you have to have your drivers in place first. Its all very simple I use that method to put the tab in flash mode works every time.any more questions just ask.. when you press both buttons at the same time just hold till you see found rk android then release.
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              I don't know how to do it on the arnova 10G2. Sorry.


                No problem petrus,

                Hi tattman65,
                I've noticed once you start delving into a couple of forums there does seem to be one hell of a lot of horror stories, probably from people guessing how to flash.....

                I'm not up for guessing, I prefer a good vid or 2, ..... Wii hacking is a doddle compared to flashing these.

                Only thing is there just doesn't seem to be any descent vid's showing the correct way to flash a 10g2...... (and the ones I have seen only have music in the background) and half the time you can't see what the person is doing anyway.

                Personally I blame Arnova, for leaving us in the dark..... They update the philly, probably because theirs some money involved, and leave the rest of us behind.
                xxx to go out and buy another Arnova that runs ICS xxx


                  In my ROM kit is a read me that explains it. I spent a lot of time writing that up and it usualy works for most people when you follow the instructions.

                  The hardest part people have trouble with is getting the drivers installed. You must be in flash mode to get windows to see the device to be able to install drivers. My suggestion would be to do that first and get that out of the way. After that flashing is easy.

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                    Hi Bob,

                    I've got a right old dog of a p.c. here thats running xp sp3, and I had trouble installing the drivers once before and decided to give up.
                    take it for me this thing hasn't had a re-install for over 6 years...... lol

                    but it just so happens I've got a right old tosh laptop that dual boots xp 32bit with linux, so I might give that a go, it's nothing fancy, just an old celeron processor, but it comes in handy when a quad core 64bit win7 machine just don't cut the mustard, (but that's another machine... lol

                    I'll have a go at installing the drivers first and come back to this thread and let you know how it goes.


                    Is there a rom you could recommend that would allow bbciplayer, youtube, flash 11, and full root, ...... and is it true that you should remove your SD card before flashing, and that you should really go back fully to stock Arnova firmware before flashing a custom rom.

                    I only ask because these are some of the things I have read either from here or Arctablet.....

                    Thanks chaps for all your help.... I wouldn't mind but i've only installed 2 games, one backup program, and another couple of utils, and now my arny takes 5 to 6 mins to boot up. That just cant be right. Even with a 16gb SD card installed, and quite a few things moved over to it.
                    okay, it's not to bad once up and running but I didn't buy it so I could have me dinner make a cup of tea watch telly and then if I'm lucky it's booted up. (That might be slightly over exaggerating things but that's what it feels like sometimes.)

                    I'm guessing it's got something to do with the filesystem, A bit like the difference between fat and ntfs.... but then again what do I know.. lol

                    thanks for reading chaps


                      See posts above for rom recommendations - looks like 2.1 is the best for you.
                      It'll give you full root and you can install Flash if you want. IPlayer on the other hand is a problem with a lot of roms, even stock ones. I'm using the 10G3 and IPlayer runs but the video is too fast.
                      You're better off using the website to be honest...

                      As for being on stock before flashing, no need. As long as you can get into flash mode you'll be sweet.

                      And I'd definitely recommend removing the SD card before flashing, I normally do and when I've forgotten to I've not had any issues - Bob recommends doing it so that's good enough for me!



                        Thanks for the input MrWeelson,

                        I'm pleased that the 13th is almost over, I really wouldn't have done this today, So tomorrow I'll install the drivers and start by seeing if I can get it into flashmode,

                        Just out of curiosity how would one get it out of "flash mode"? Just so that if my bottle goes, there won't be a panic.

                        thanks all


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                        I've just realized....... that's me to my "mates/family/" and where do I get my information from,.... well,..... places like this.

                        This was one of my 30 plus tabs I have open and forgot all about it,

                        Thanks bob.... now I know the answer to my question above..