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X-plore file manager

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  • DocHoppy
    Good Catch. This is a good free alternative to root explorer.

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    Guest replied
    Thanks for the tip Damo. Checking it out now.

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  • Damo
    started a topic X-plore file manager

    X-plore file manager

    Just downloaded a new file manager from the market, and dual panel, and with auto root access

    I find it really good with plenty of features.

    I have replaced fileexpert as this one has listings for the root, and usb device and all mount points, and ftp server and etc.
    I have configured it with a home button so you can return to top directory on each panel.
    Just press and hold a file to copy, modify move etc to the panel on the right, to whatever folder is open
    set up root access level through settings
    search x-plore file manager on the Android phone market!

    Try it out guys, see what you think
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