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Which 10" would you recommend?

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    Which 10" would you recommend?

    Hi all,
    whilst i have my Zopo Zp200 phone, My boys both have Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 plus's and i have brought myself a new toy being the Imito MX2 (Awaiting it's arrival).
    I am looking for something for my wife as i feel she is left out and unfair
    She has had in past the Ipad 2, but sold it and now misses her tablet.
    Only thing i no longer want the exspensive over priced apple products in our home, thus my mission which i chose to accept was to rid of anything apple and commence tactical android lol.
    So i have been searching for weeks on a 10" tablet for her, and now getting spoilt for choice thinking is this right, oh there's another one etc etc, soooo confused and giving up.
    I was looking at Quad core tablets merely thinking they are faster, But a dual core that would be a fast thing also i would be happy with.
    But now with Quad core, now 2gb ram tablets are appearing, so may new tablets coming on market every few weeks, so i want something that she can enjoy at least a year and keeps up with more modern future tablets of the future
    Something for her to web surf, play games, Has to be 10" / 9.7", Min 1gb ram, Min 16gb storage, Lots of support as regards roms, future update, Reliability and mostly round the £150 mark.
    Can you post your tablet make, reason you brought it and how it performs.
    Best wishes
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    Take a look @ the ACER ICONIA TAB A210 it has a Tegra 3 Quad Core CPU. In Germany it cost 299 €.
    As alternative there is this Tab.
    It is the Archos 101XS Dual Core CPU and 10 Zoll Display.

    Or this it is like a "Apple"



      I have been reading around with the same Q about tablets and it's like everyone else says.
      Every week something new and a 1000 different models.

      I checked some Benelux tech board and forum and this one seems to be great Ployer Momo 12 for the price range that you are looking at.

      Now if it is for your wife I don't think custom roms are that important, it's stability that counts.


        Thanks for those, acer are a little too much out of my price range, but i love the look of the Archos, will need to find a good price for that.
        Even thou for my wife i will be changing rom's etc for her to make it better if any are released, thus needs to be a tablet that can have this support.
        So would for example a tablet with dual core cpu and quad core gpu cope with most modern games of today?
        I am an xbox person for my games, but wife loves her spare time if any playing good games on tablets.
        Really being fussy which is not helping me as also has to look right i.e slim, no logos on front, looks like an ipad.
        I will continue the search in frustration lol.
        From member's choices, experiences with reliability service etc, which brand comes out on top, which to me doesn't have to be main brand
        Danke and best wishes
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          Morning everyone,
          Finally hit the ENTER button on my laptop lol.
          Brought my lovely wife after numerous stressing days of searching and a tad more what i wanted the ONDA V972.
          Will let you know how it is once it arrives


            Originally posted by Wingchundub View Post
            Morning everyone,
            Finally hit the ENTER button on my laptop lol.
            Brought the ONDA V972. Will let you know how it is once it arrives
            Are you aware the V972 doesn't begin shipping until tomorrow? Hope you purchased from a well researched seller, as many China located sellers tend to range from downright frauds to simply extremely bad. Very common stories are buyers who fall for a low price & amazing specs only to either never get their order or get something either worn out used or broken. It isn't unusual for an order to take several weeks, even months to arrive. Forget about warranties. By the time you pay for shipping to China & back ways, you will find you threw good money after bad.

            It seems safe to buy from online seller but they are often very slow shipping & customer service is uneven. Some people report gettting immediate responses but others report getting no response to several email posts. is excellent. Same city, same Shenzhen postal service and yet In4dealz items do not sit in the International Airmail department for days or weeks before it gets placed on a plane bound for your country. My last order sat there for two weeks. Meanwhile, an order I placed with In4dealz 2 days before Christmas arrived to me before my Dec 1st GeekBuying order! Geekbuying customer service does reply to my email but always 4 to 5 days later.

            You are taking several risks with this order. Certainly hope it all works out for you. If you get your tablet, I hope it comes with mainstream Android and not the highly restricted Chinese dictator approved version & hope it arrives set to English, not Chinese. I looked up the specs from four sellers, what concerns me are the specs that are missung. For instance, is full Google Market (Play) installed? How does it stream multi media? What is actual battery life? Is the reported 8000mAh battery truly 8000 mAh, is it a quality battery? Is the V972 system build energy efficient? You can get an 8000 mAh battery that is quickly drained of power because the mother board and some key components are cheaper power hogs.

            Yours wiill be one of the very first batch of V972 tablets. It is very common for system and manufacturing bugs to be discovered among the first and second run of a new sophisticated electronic product. If I lay down a few hundred for a new product, I want to get it from a store near my house, so I can simply return it. I do not like the odds of getting a good result or technical support from a returned computing device to China.

            If you can cancel your order and get your money back, you might want to do so & wait for some buyer "reviews". That is exactly what I am doing, waiting. Meanwhile, I've seen a great buy from China fast become a bad move because Domestic brands came out with better and safer for the same price a few weeks later. I saw several people lay down $250 for an Ainol 7" Aurora only to feel foolish a few weeks later when Samsung released the $250 Galaxy Tab2 & Aurora prices sank to $170...
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              I unerstand how they work and yes trust me on this, i have got my own back to let them know how it feels to be scammed when one tried it on.
              BUT i have canceled the order, open it in paypal and email them so i will get my money back no worries.
              I thought it would be a cracking tablet to get for price and future proof for at least year and half.
              Reason i made this post to see what members have brought as i am getting tired now of looking lol
              Which processor is relaible and fast for example i would like to know, but not getting many replies considering there are hundreds on here that have brought tablets lol.
              Hope one will pop up i like.
              Best wishes and thank you