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    Recommended Apps?

    Ok, I just read the response from Finless about reading EULAs and how not all apps can therefore be included in new Roms and I get the point.

    So. given that we'll all go scurrying off to the Market upon installing 1.4 (+)(!)...what Apps do people recommend once we get there?

    I'll kick off with three:
    Titanium Backup (because I don't know any better)
    Launcher Pro (because I've gotten used to it on my phone)
    Firefox (because Damo's list of browser stats shows it trouncing the others)

    Not to cause a fanboy fight but genuinely interested to see what you're using out there...

    I use Boat Browser for internet

    Go Launcher Ex v2.70 as launcher or Adw Ex

    Gmail for email.

    PowerAmp for Music

    QQplayer for video

    Some of my best
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      Titanium Backup
      Root Explorer
      2X Client (remote desktop of your PC via RDP)
      Opera Browser
      Android Assistant
      SD Maid
      Google Voice search!!!!!

      Want a Siri type capability on Android? Install .Andy (yes period or dot Andy).

      "Pzebacz im, bo nie wiedzą, co czynią"
      "Прости им, они не ведают, что творят"
      "Perdona loro perché non sanno quello che fanno"
      "Vergib ihnen, denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun"
      "Vergeef hen want ze weten niet wat ze doen"
      "Pardonne-leur car ils ne savent pas ce qu'ils font"
      "Perdónalos porque no saben que lo que hacen"
      "Oprosti im, jer ne znaju što čine"
      "Forgive them as they know not what they do"


        Groove IP - for making free phone calls over voip
        Playon - for streaming videos to your tablet
        Google Voice - for free text messaging
        Google Voice Search - for searching
        The Urban Spoon - when you can't decide where to go for dinner