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  • ericdurbin
    Groove IP - for making free phone calls over voip
    Playon - for streaming videos to your tablet
    Google Voice - for free text messaging
    Google Voice Search - for searching
    The Urban Spoon - when you can't decide where to go for dinner

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  • Finless
    Titanium Backup
    Root Explorer
    2X Client (remote desktop of your PC via RDP)
    Opera Browser
    Android Assistant
    SD Maid
    Google Voice search!!!!!

    Want a Siri type capability on Android? Install .Andy (yes period or dot Andy).


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  • Damo
    I use Boat Browser for internet

    Go Launcher Ex v2.70 as launcher or Adw Ex

    Gmail for email.

    PowerAmp for Music

    QQplayer for video

    Some of my best

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  • McrRed
    started a topic Recommended Apps?

    Recommended Apps?

    Ok, I just read the response from Finless about reading EULAs and how not all apps can therefore be included in new Roms and I get the point.

    So. given that we'll all go scurrying off to the Market upon installing 1.4 (+)(!)...what Apps do people recommend once we get there?

    I'll kick off with three:
    Titanium Backup (because I don't know any better)
    Launcher Pro (because I've gotten used to it on my phone)
    Firefox (because Damo's list of browser stats shows it trouncing the others)

    Not to cause a fanboy fight but genuinely interested to see what you're using out there...