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Set up your own SpeedTest server

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    Set up your own SpeedTest server

    I found this in another forum and thought it could help the devs here testing wifi speeds. I haven't tried it yet so you are on your own.

    If you want to set up your own local server for getting accurate data rate measurements (see - Mini) then here's a pretty easy method:

    1) Download and install the free Vmware Player (VMware Player: Run Windows 8, Chrome OS on a Virtual PC)
    2) Download and extract the LAMPStack's pre-configured linux web server virtual machine appliance image ( - its the download link titled "205MB VM" or was at time of writing anyway)
    3) Open the VMware image in the player.
    4) Before starting the VMware image, edit the network settings to set the Network Adapter to use Bridged Mode (so that it gets its own IP address from your router).
    5) Start the VM image and go through the initial menus. You don't need to install any extra options during initial setup. You shouldn't even need the VMWare Tools installed or upgraded.
    6) Log in as root.
    7) Download the SpeedTest local server with the following command "wget"
    8) Change to the web server root directory with: "cd /var/www"
    9) Extract the zip with "unzip /root/"
    10) That's it. Go to the browser on your test device and browse to: http://<ip address>/mini/index-php.html
    (the VM's ip address is displayed when the VM image boots).

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    Thanks for the tip regarding speedtest mini (first I've heard of it). Ran it through hfs and works well from PC. Haven't tried accessing the site from the tv stick yet though.