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Touchscreen IIyama T2452MTS and Stick e.x. UG802

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    Touchscreen IIyama T2452MTS and Stick e.x. UG802

    My UG802 Finless 1.7 20121112 is working perfect.
    The noname bluetooth-mouse with it is hot-plugging.

    I followed the instructions from this forum:
    lsusb says: Bus 002 Device 005: ID 093a:8002
    Placed this file
    -rw-r--r-- root root
    cat Vendor_093a_Product_8002.idc
    touch.deviceType = touchScreen
    device.internal = 1

    # 3. empty line is there

    I read in this webpages - but this is too confusing to me:

    Does anybody have some ideas what c
    an be done to have this IIyama 2453MTS running?

    When you plug in your touchscreen do you get a circle on the screen that you can move about?

    Does disconnecting the bluetooth mouse help?


      which cricel do you mean haven the same problem


        When you plug in your touchscreen USB and put your finger on the screen a circle appears which you can drag round. The circle does not jump to where your finger is on the screen - you have to drag it round.

        If you get this it is good - you just need the idc file to tell Android that the input is a touchscreen.

        If you don't get this it is unlikely that your touchscreen will work with your kernel.


          yeah no circel for me
          is there another kernel that will work with my T2452MTS touchscreen


            another question, is the circle before or after installing the idc file