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Looking for New Tablet, Need Recommendations

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    Looking for New Tablet, Need Recommendations

    I returned my Nextbook Premium 7. I was getting nowhere trying to get the source code from Efun, and nobody seemed all that interested in it besides me. Also the lack of HDMI, GPS and a camera didn't help.

    I'm trying to find a tablet which has the following features:

    1. Source code available

    2. 7" screen size

    3. Capacitive Touch

    4. At least Android 2.3

    5. Camera (preferably front *and* rear)

    6. HDMI output

    7. GPS

    8. Accelerometer, G-Sensor, etc.

    9. At least 5 hours battery life

    10. Unlocked boot loader

    11. Good with 3D gaming

    I know I'm probably asking for too much from a 7" but I really like the portability which that size affords me. Any recommendations are appreciated, as I'm tearing my hair out trying to find one on the internet. There are a bewildering array of no-name tablets from China out there, and some sound great, but I've never heard of the company and can't find any info, etc. Thanks in advance.

    Update: After another hour or so of more research, it would seem that the Blackberry Playbook has everything I want, *except* it's not open source, and although it now runs Android 2.3.3 apps, it only runs converted ones that come from its market!? and there seems to be no generic Android OS ROM for it or anything. There is a software SDK for it, but no source code. It can, however be rooted. Can anyone think of a comparable tablet that also has kernel source available?

    Update: Have a look at this and give me opinions:

    I doubt I'll get source code for it but it appears to be stock Android and can probably be rooted, or comes rooted. They only carry a 90-day warranty. Is it worth risking $200 for?
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    For a limited time you can get the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 Android tablet for $189:

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      try checking out the archos 70b...does have a hdmi but doesnt have gps.. have a camera but not sure if its front or back or both..check it out...


        Originally posted by ZonaMojo View Post
        For a limited time you can get the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 Android tablet for $189:

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        That looks like a NICE feature rich tablet for the money for sure!!


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