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Multi Tasking in Android

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    Multi Tasking in Android

    A while back I was looking at a multitasking tool called Cornerstone that puts apps into windows on the Android desktop like a pc.

    It looks like Rockchip is working on their own version of this capability.

    Check out this article:

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    Re: Multi Tasking in Android


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      Cornerstone by OnSkreen was a nightmare in regards to proper integration - not exactly a minor modification. A shame Cyanogenmod gave in to pressure from Google - but as big as Cyanogenmod is, they seem to try to keep things fairly friendly with Google. I guess one of the few implementations of Cornerstone, atleast that I came over, was for the Asus Transformer something-something.

      Now Rockchip on the other hand - they might just don't care what Google thinks about this. And my impression is that they're doing their own thing anyway. Alot of the other current SoCs don't have the hardware to properly do multitasking like this, as even though many other are GPU hardcore, this is more of a CPU (and RAM) intensive task. Another thing is - if this comes from RockChip themselves, it is more likely to be a "native support" solution - meaning in theory all fullscreen apps could be supported. Some might not do it well - but the principle is there.

      I really hope to see this project go well - according to the official Pipo forum, a multitasking ROM is already in the works for the Pipo MAX M8pro. If that goes through, we'll probably see this for the rest of their current RK3188 range.

      Now while this can have its uses on tablets, atleast the 8"+ ones - where it would REALLY shine, is on the "sticks" !

      This VERY interesting news indeed - and it doesn't take much to see some of the vast possibilities this could bring with it.
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