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NAND Chip Mask ROM Mode Short Location

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    You might be right. I shortened an S912 and there were pins on both sides which worked :-P


      Where should I short?

      Mecool BB2 PRO Amlogic

      Samsung 640 KLMAG2WEPD-B031

      UP: I find out the pins. PINS 17-18 left side.
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        Hi please NAND chip location for Nexbox A95x PRO



          I have successfully un-bricked my TV box. Here are the steps with High Resolution pictures and NAND Chip Mask ROM Mode Short Location

          My TV BOX: T95D Android TV Box Rockchip RK3229 Quad Core BT4.0 RAM 2GB DDR3 ROM 8GB 2.4GHz

          High Resolution Pictures:
 (inside the case)

          Short either pin 13-14 or pin 14-15. The chip is very small thus I cannot be sure.
 (Nand pin short location)

          NAND Chip Name:

          SAMSUNG 634

          Flash tool used: AndroidTool_Release_v2.43

          Rom Used:

          Rom Location:

          - Start AndroidTool_Release_v2.43
          - Load the Rom

          - connect USB Male-Male cable with computer and TV box
          - connect 5v power to the TV Box
          - Short the pin

          - AndroidTool will recognize the box. You now can remove the pin shorting screwdriver or anything else you are using.
          - Press Upgrade and it will flash this ROM to this box.

          - Once flashing is complete the box will reboot itself.
          - Close AndroidTool and enjoy your un-bricked box.

          I hope I did not miss anything here.


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            I have a tv box with the model A95X Plus TV Box Android 8,1 Amlogic S905 Y2 4 Гб DDR4 32 ГБ
            Can any one help me out which pins do i need to short to get into mask mode
            BapBap 4871

            Click image for larger version

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            Thank you in advance for your help.


              I have tried everything with my a95x pro but with no succses. BurningTool and windows are not recognizing my device. I have tried to short those two pins also no succses, holding AV reset button pluging USB and adapter. I give up.


                khn993 help me, same problem t95z plus 2% in usb burning tool, the link for the firmware is broken.

                0x10105004/Romcode/Initialize DDR/Read initialize status


                  Box: MXQ pro 4k
                  Model: MXQ-4K-3229XD2-20161117-V0-2
                  1GB RAM
                  8GB Storage

                  I tried shorting all the visible points on board before, but it didn't work.

                  Then i thought it must be because i was using a USB hub, so i plugged the USB cable directly on my pc's back USB port and it worked right on first try ^^



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                    MECOOL M8S PRO W REV 2.2, Please help, I can't find the pins


                      I found them pins, not sure which exactly but there are in area over here.
                      Click image for larger version

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                        Hi All,

                        I am trying to work out where to short the NAND on a board of a friend of mine.
                        I searched all the way over the internet but was not able to find it, untill I came accross this thread, which seemed hopeful but sadly I can also not find it here so far.
                        Maybe this will change it.
                        The board is exactly the same as these 2 posts but I cannot seem to find anyone who found it for this specific board.
                        Can someone help me please?
                        See posts:

                        Thanks in advance for your time!

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                          Hello I need help finding the nand of my tv box mxq pro 4k



                            Hello, friends! Help to find short location on my A95X F2 (Amlogic S905X2). Tried everything
                            Tnk madobikt777 from 4PDA for the pictures, my camera is awful )))
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                              Please help me!
                              I have under repair car audio (China) RK-A701 on RockChip 3188. Brick. Where to me to find pins to unlock mask ROM mode?


                                Originally posted by robbo1829 View Post
                                Hi the correct pins are just right of the ones you have marked. just shorten all on the right and your device will be recognized. I have done this and it works the Rockchip batch tool loaded my device.
                                A5X MAX PLUS, bricked, just red light, PC not recognize it.
                                Tried all pins from the picture you marked but no success.
                                Can you tell me right order to do it, do I need power adapter also, do I need to press Recovery button, what pins exactly need to short.

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