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    Scale of 1 - 10 Rate Your Android device Experience so far

    Device Name:Year of purchase:
    Rom currently used:
    Android version:
    Rating total: x/10
    User friendly:
    Quality built (hw) :
    Wifi connection speed:



    Device Name: Azurill S400 (Year of purchase: April 2013
    Rom currently used: Chiseltek Momi M1 Rooted
    Android version: 4.2.2
    Rating total: 7/10
    User friendly: This device needs a lot of TLC to make it work well but if you put the patience in it can be surprisingly decent for the £60 price tag.
    Quality built (hw) :Plastic case hardly Apple TV standards but its pocket sized and has an external antenna that does give it better wifi reception just don't expect it to work at the far end of the house from the router.
    Wifi connection speed: With external antenna from TPlink max: 72mbps on b/g/n 150mbps on 40Mhz N

    External Antenna, USB stick design so easy to transport (sounds silly but those wee boxes for me never went in my jacket pocket this yoke does as the external antenna is detachable!), with Chiseltek Rom it will stream Netflix/most video apps bar hulu with a good wifi connection with no issues (framerates, jerkiness or stutter). With tun.ko installer and easy vpn installer can create a working VPN for US based apps such as Watch ABC, CW, TLC, Discovery etc. Good amount of apps are available for it with no mods to build.prop needed.

    Cons: There is two antennas with one inside the case. This internal antenna can really mess up the wifi. I used a piece of perforated tin foil and a lot of tape over it to avoid it hitting the internal components of the motherboard which was then combined with a TP link external aerial replacement to cut through the stone walls of my house. If u have it near the router or have less thick walls as I do it shouldn't be an issue (I'm sure I was getting a good 720-1080 HD pic when it was used on the TV beside my router). Azurills own stock Rom isn't great and has the Netflix stutter problem and many other issues so best download a Rom and try it from the chiseltek options here. Be warned though as many devices have different components so make sure to read up well that your Rom is correct! If a Rom fails the reset button dies! Better break out a paper clip and get used to Finless Bob's tried and trusty method of shorting pins 8-9 on the NAND! Fun times with much swearing and cursing (electronics safety BEWARE!) but with patience it and some tweaks its not a bad device with a bit of love! I have mine working well for all but hulu now and am very happy with it!