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please help teach me. sidekick media box that i can not even get a

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    please help teach me. sidekick media box that i can not even get a

    Hi everybody, I am new here but have been setting up kodi for about 2 years. I have even set up a ubuntu version on a usb flash drive that worked pretty well... lol for the most part. I am trying to upgrade Kodi on a media box call "sidekick" . I am doing this for an older lady who is very sweet and may have been duped into buying this box. she has had issues from day one with it. Short version its not running as it should (shuts down on its own randomly) I think i need to flash the firmware or even upgrade to something. The little information i have gathered on this box is. 1g ram, 4x cpu Cortex-A9, 8x GPU Mali-450. running lollipop 5.0. I can find a web site for Sidekick. It has some youtube videos but the file they want me to download from dropbox is not an .apk file. When I download it it shows as a bin fine and is useless to me. I have requested help from there support but I would love knowledge from more then one source. I believe I am correct in the fact that kodi 17.xx will not run on lollipop 5.0. I also believe i need to run the firestick version of magic No Limits as its meant for 1g ram devices.

    okay, so i think the questions i need help with are in that paragraph. I should point out I understand how to flash. usb cable, computer, usb burning tool. and a firmware file form somewhere. Preferably matching the box i haves" components.

    thanks in advance for your help. It is greatly appreciated

    also i am more then willing to provide more info. if need be. I am really unsure what else is needed.

    oops.... i can't even get a model number for or find a similar one on line.


      if you start kodi...settings/system info/hardware ..what does it say?

      On freaktab you can find FTMC
      its a kodi 17.3 based but runs on older android versions like 4.4

      However..lollipop should be able to run the official Kodi 17.5 apk
      have tried installing this?

      random shutdowns? Hmm.. poweradaptor issue or overheating issue perhaps



        Good-morning mitchell4you,
        Thank you for you interest and help. I can not look at up that info that way as kodi is not installed at the moment. I fallowed the instructions from the sidekick web site. now i did kind of do this in blind faith but i figured there was a reason for uninstalling before downloading kodi. i discovered the file they stored on line is corrupted after the uninstall of kodi.

        It like this system is running parts of Android and parts of windows and f more even. my mouse wheel will not always scroll. to go further down on a page i sometime have to use my arrow key, other times i have to select an item near the bottom. when the screen adjust then select something else to continue stepping down the page.

        the explorer requests or asks if i want to run as a mobile page or as a full browsers, it dose this like if i choose one a few seconds after it will load the other style. it seems to be undecided if it a phone tab or computer? in fact this box is set up as a tab in many places. battery life and a few other settings i don't recall seeing on other andriod boxes. I may remember seeing battery life on them but i am really unsure. I have no other boxes available to me to check for reference.

        in the build.prop file there are cross references to ubuntu and arm protocols. i am nowhere a person that should be making that call as i cant program a vcr. let alone talk to one?! but in the build line the file says arm etc. then a line down it reads reference ubuntu.

        theres more odd stuff but that is why i am leaning towards a firmware flash?