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    General App question

    Hey all,
    This may be easy and may have been answered before if so attach a link so I can read it but when you end an app on your tablet shouldn't it stop all together? I've seen apps that I've started and thought I ended still active. I'll stop them in Settings or use another app to stop them but it would seem to me if you hit exit or quit on an app shouldn't the app stop and not be left in memory? That's usually what happens in Windows, ok in most cases I won't say all, but then again this is Android. Why do this? It seems like a waste of memory not to mention a drain on battery power. Is it that I'm not exiting the apps correctly? Let me know. Thanks.

    "It's full of stars!"

    Some apps have a quite button
    Some remain active in the background

    But android auto terminates any apps running if it needs the resources (ram/cpu)
    to run your/open active app

    you can also change the behavior
    see: setting / developer tab
    Here you can choose / how many background apps can run and kill app directly after leaving them



      I also think that existence of the app is the main problem. Try to check the versions.
      iPad tutorial