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I Have Questions About Android Storage

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    I Have Questions About Android Storage

    My PiPo tablets define storage as Internal, Nand Flash, SD Card and USB Storage.

    I believe that "SD Card" refers to the External_SD card. I am not sure if what Android defines as SD Card is "Internal" or "Nand Flash".

    Also, I have noted that some apps can "Move to SD Card" and some can be "Disabled".

    Could someone please address the points raised in an attempt to clarify?

    On my PiPo tablet different terms are used in different apps, but generally I think SDCard is the internal SD. ExternalSD is the external SD. Beyond that I don't know. I think that NAND is the OS partition on the internal SD, and SDCard is the part which you get to store files on. I'd hazard a guess that "USB Storage" is when you plug in a USB device.

    I think "moving an app to SD card" means moving it from the OS partition of the internal SD card to the user files partition of the internal SD card.