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1st box, wich one for french stream?

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    1st box, wich one for french stream?

    Hi dear reader,

    So much readings about Android box... most interresting in english and i speak french :'

    You are the best help i can find. Forum and specialists are always first guys to speak with.

    So, the box will be use for streaming/downloading, video and audio.
    .price around 30€
    .windevine and mycanal, netflix like apps
    .spotify and soundcloud availabavailabl
    .rom: android tv or good ui (alternative rom only installable from a phone, computer is not available)
    .tv remote compatible or xiaomi like, air mouse...

    Cause i live in france i select box available in europe warehouwarehouse.

    Perhaps i should wait the next xiaomi mi4, isn't it ?

    ​​​​​​Let me know what you think about

    Honestly, I don't understand why you would care about which streams you get.
    I guess, you can use some type of a computer (general term), so that you accessed the Internet and posted this question.

    A box you are asking is just another computer. Only form-factor is different. And the kind of operating system.
    I would say you just search for hardware requirements for the applications you would like to use.
    Then visit a store or a vendors's web-site and choose what you like (by specifications/price ratio).

    Oh, just one thing. If you are looking for an Android-powered 'box', check the availability/compatibility of the applications with the Android OS.
    The version of Android may be just another criterion you use when picking a product to buy.
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