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    Hi All

    New user on the forum. I found this exciting site through Google and thought, you could perhaps help me.

    Some time ago, I bought an "Google TV" setup. It sounded so good, so I bought it quick and when I got it, I was pissed. Not only is it one of the basic "rip off" models, it also contains almost no space, and doesn't do what I hoped I could get it to do. I'm not quite sure, what model etc. It is, but I made this screeny, showing some info. If it not showing enough, please let me know, what to look for/post for futher notice.
    The things I would like to do with this is only temperarly, since I'm planing on going for Gold (Buying MiniX Neo X7, when I got enough $$ ).

    Hope you can help either by rooting, or providing an better rom then stock rom. Many thanks in advantage.

    Hi, and welcome

    I'm guesing here....
    (You should probably at pic of device...)
    The ''android tv box X1"
    On the site of XDA forum is a post about changing internal space to sdcard (giving more install space)

    Just a thought.. cheers... and goodluck


      Thanks for the reply

      My device looks almost the same as the one, you posted an link to. I've included some pics of mine, so I'll take my chance and flash it. If it bricks, I won't be angry. I'm just frustrated to buy some cheap sh*t instead of quality from the start :-) But thanks again for helping out ! I'll let you know, how it went. Cheers


      Which firmware, should I give an try ? I'm unsure which one to choose from, the ones where you linked me to or ?
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        It is a Telechips processor. I do not know of anyone here on FreakTab that has made any ROMs for telechips.
        I understand the construction of a ROM for this is similar to AMLogic but that's about it.

        Is there a stock ROM available for download for this box?
        If not I would not mess around flashing anything unless you have a way to go back.

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          Hi Finless.

          According too Google and some homepages found on it, the orginal Telechips page was hacked some time ago and they havent had the orginale stock rom up. But it looks very much like the one from mitchell4you's link, I'm just an bit unsure which one I should give an test run. I don't mind if the device would brick, since I'm 1.) Already planning of getting the MiniX Neo X7 (Much better so my research says me) and 2.) The device is so unstable, since it's made of cheap hardware But thanks for the reply mate