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Recommendation to VPN for Kodi

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    I know that this post is already 2 years old, and a lot of things have changed since then, just like cikkucippic said, Kodi is already dead, and there is no point in using it. However, in case there is anyone still wondering about a good vpn for it, and in general for it to be great all around, guys there are a lot of great options right now. Back in 2018, i would say that Nordvpn was one of the best. However after it got hacked i don't really trust their services. I been using proxies from iproyal.com, and i would say that it is really great all around, and it is having probably the best price per quality proportion.
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      oh, it got posted twice, i am sorry


        Originally posted by chaoticbeliever View Post
        You are always best served to have a VPN running when using KODI for popcorn time, not just to hide your tracks from the law but also to unlock some of the geo restrictive add-ons as they will not work in most countries. I was using Ivacy VPN on my home router in Perth and worked fine for unblocking BBC content in Australia.
        Agreed. But here choosing right vpn is also important not just any vpn. Otherwise, connection errors and other speed related issues are quite common specially when using kodi with vpn


          Learned something today:
          Interesting youtube video by loius rossman..
          About IOS/apple by-passing VPN (app) and IOS phoning home every time you open-up a app (apple-id user / opened app ''name'' / IPnumber )
          The only way to be little safe was to use a app called ''little snitch'' but it no-longer works ( it seems )
          Even more disturbing.. if the server doesn't respond.. the app you are trying to run may fail to run

          The are now stating.. to use a VPN router.

          Back to topic...
          I have no issue with kodi... Im still getting access to my favorite shows/channels
          As for my VPN (client ) router.. It needs a update.. to work properly my vpn provider stated.. ( router was provided by vpn service ''tarnomat'' )
          But.. when I asked Howto.. no responds.. ( I might drop them.. and setup my own Vpn client router )
          There are some great vpn deals.. it seems with black-friday coming-up


          Update: on blackfriday
          I got my self a second hand netgear router and the got a VPN express account
          - installed VPN expresss firmware on netgear router..that's it..
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            I am using iProVPN for Kodi and it works perfectly.


              I have been using nord vpn.