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Cheap high speed charging / data cables that can flash without errors

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    Cheap high speed charging / data cables that can flash without errors

    After looking at so called new and improved USB cables for data/charging, I find even the best lack dependability and durability.

    Had kept a few old late 90s cables and all are over 2 meters. Whoa! What gives, you say?

    Well, back then copper... and most printers and modems required placement further from the devices attached.

    I decided to cut off the ends of the old style connector, and found even though the cables are thicker, that they were more flexible. Another reason why I like these old school cables.

    Inside, you find thicker shielding, and some even have an EMI isolator at one end or both.

    The major difference which no other brand name cables have is both negative and positive wires are 24 awg on most. Though some have 24 awg for data as well, which is a big bonus, when over 10 feet of cable.

    Anywho, I have replaced the ends that I cut off with Micro USB connectors to make them complaint for my devices both to charge and connect for data transfer between other devices.

    Geezo, i have gone through a few newer cables thinking that old USB cables won't be any better.
    Just like Monster cables they are, but without the cost. You can probably find them in discount bins or even used at a yard sale for a good price.

    I've used a multitude of cables, mostly new and 3-4 metres in length for flashing and have yet to encounter any issues with failed flashing being down to a cable, so I think it's probably a case of put luck or perhaps misuse.

    The way I see many people treat their tech kit in general, I'm guessing that cables probably get put through as much abuse and so not surprised that they will fail for some.
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      Had a Samsung data cable just about catch fire at the plug in of my tablet. Modern cables are wee small diameter, and push the limits of their design. The biggest issue is the micro USB connector its self. Not all are made the same, and most are cheap and loose their connectivity after multiple plug in / disconnects.

      Micro USB is the worst IMO. Never had issues with USB cables until micro became a standard.

      I cut up a bunch of Sony, Case Logic, Samsung, and Amazon high current cables, and found that most are build around small diameter wire, with some using stranded copper wire.

      The reality is older cables are built 100x better, just look inside and compare.

      Since copper has increased in price, not very many cables are made with 100% copper. In fact won't be enough to power a 50 watt audio speaker, but the ones I modded do. Now find that in a new micro USB cable.


        I have gone through multiple cables. The USB connector is the biggest issue though.
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