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Android Boxes? (Non-ATV)

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    Android Boxes? (Non-ATV)

    I'm thinking about buying Android box for Kodi Exodus and emulators. One that isn't an official Android TV device. I'm not sure yet.

    Compared to official Android TV boxes Seems like the other non ATV devices (besides the $300 shield) give you: Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire massively increased storage, more power, and superuser from the start. (BIG plus for me as I use a root app Droid remote, for mouse emulation) The only disadvantage i can see is that there isn't any google cast due to not being am official Android TV device. Plus I've heard some DRM apps like Netflix don't play nice with it and won't give you full quality? Also there is little to no sold support I've heard.
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    Some notes..

    having root isn't always good.. some android games have anti cheat detection.. that ban you when detecting root access
    friend of mine got banned for using a button mapper for his gamepad

    On most units with DRM 1, you can watch 1080p Netflix but not using the official Netflix app... but a hacked v5 (build or lower)

    its true..that most units have little to no vendor support..but that's why freaktab, armbian, libreelec, openelec, coreelec and lakka are popular

    My advice.. checkout YouTube.. search for keywords like : lakka / libreelec / android TV box emulation / android TV kodi
    there are lots of TV boxs reviewed (showing pro and cons )