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    My new box

    Ugoos am6 S922X-J with 12 nm 2.2ghz
    Quad core ARM Cortex-A73 and dual core Arm Cortex-A53 CPU
    GPU ARM MaliTM-G53 mp6(6ppc)
    Android 9

    At first use i was already pleased to see a landscape screen that actually looked like the original android. I have a top notification bar that auto hides. Also a nav bar that you can hide until its needed. I attached my wireless mouse and the click hold drag any icon to put your desktop. Everything is moving very fast the apps load without any lag time and thumbnails also load very fast. I want to also state that this box was bought for the sole purpose of streaming. I do not play games so i have no idea about any game play stats.
    after hooking it up and installing kodi and a few add-ons i thought it would be a good test to try out a good 4k movie. I choose Avatar. The depth of color and detail was like no other. I have no lag or stuttering at all. There is still lots to explore but my first impression of this box is terrific.
    the one downfall i have found is the plug. It is a foreign plug with a US adapter which makes the plug kind of big.