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Heart Rate fitness belt Bluetooth widget on Android TV Box

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    Heart Rate fitness belt Bluetooth widget on Android TV Box

    Guys due to Corona I bought a spinning bike.

    I found tehre are HR bealts with bluetooth.

    My goal is having Heart Rate Widget on the box while streaming youtube or IPTV.

    Anyone experienced with this?

    Kind regards

    Hi Soldlaz, which model did you get can you share as the settings vary. https://dltutuapp.com/tutuapp-download/ https://showbox.run/
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    Hi team, thanks for creating such an active forum.


      It should work
      If its running normal Android

      But please note :
      Android TV version does not support wallpapers nor witgets ( these days ) ( not even if you change launcher )



        Actually I did not buy any belt yet since there is too much unsafe information - maybe wrong information too.

        I created an htm file with embeded PULSOID test and some youtube vids. BUT which belt I dont know :-(

        Simply follow this:

        1. Create .txt file
        2. put this code inside:

        <embed src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/utq1EU3YzHU" style="width:1000px; height: 600px;">
        <embed src=https://pulsoid.net/widget/view/4d8a8ec6-9010-449a-ad59-8a306b663850?test=true> <br>

        Put your ID inside the Pulsoid URL

        3. save
        4. Rename to whatever .htm

        When launching in webbrowser youll have the widget right, youtube video left, for me the most simple solution

        Let me know which BELT you buy!!


          That's quite cool soldiaz

          Alternative... I was thinking about these...phone inside VR glasses
          the cost like 10bucks ( yes there also expensive one's )

          Just a thought


            Well VR glasses sounds interesting! I dont know how its feeling while doing sports and sweating around lol

            Could you give example where to buy one which works good for 10EUR/$ ?


              Damn why didnt I think bout that immediately?!

              Working well with Zattoo.com and even Wilma! Need cheap belt only now....

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                didnt get m3u working in browser....maybe someone knows howto....


                  Chrome add-on : Play HLS M3u8

                  Kruitvat sells them.. here in my country (VR glass)



                    Ah, youre from Nederlands? Kruitvat does not exist in Germany but Action stores...maybe they sell them too

                    Meanwhile I expereinced the solution does not work properly - are even not at all - on Android. On Windows no problem

                    Edit: Tried suggested add-on but wont play :-( ....my AVM Fritzbox spreads Cable TV signal through RTSP protocol maybe this is the issue