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    more help

    As i am using a mac I cant use the flashing tools, so i dusted off the old pc and fired it up last night, but am I right in thinking I still cant use it as its only running a 32bit system?

    This is getting frustrating now lol

    any help would be great, cheers in advance

    The flash tool doesn't require 64 bit. As long as you have the correct drivers installed you should be good to go.

    I don't know what device you are trying to flash...but in my ROM's there is a First Time User's Guide that has a section on how to get the drivers installed. Just look up a RileyROM and download the zip and extract the pdf file from the root folder.
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      just read through the pdf info, great write up...

      problem is now i cant get the device into flash mode, it will not show up in the flash tool, i have tried all 3 ways and it will not show up, it shows up in device manager, and then will show up as a device in auto play, but thats all i can do.

      really getting frustrated now, im sure its not as hard as i'm making it lol


        Re: more help

        Seems a driver problem, please try to uninstall and install the driver again.
        To enter ib bootloader mode push the reset button while you connect the usb wire to the otg port.

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          sorry mate, uninstall and install what driver? I have turned off auto updates while I was trying the flash, its strange as it went into flash mode yesterday but now it just will not show up on the flash tool, im even using a different laptop that is running windows 8.